How to choose motor oil. Types of motor oil

The choice of engine oil was correct, you should know where you need to buy, what it is, and it key features.

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The choice of engine oil was correct, you should know where you need to buy, what it is and its main characteristics.

Where to buy

The most important tip when buying motor oil – do not be greedy, go to specialized shops, authorized service centers or branded service station. Beware of imitations that flooded our market of oil products!

Mineral oil

This kind of motor oils are produced by distillation and refining of crude oil. Mineral oils are paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic. Between themselves, they differ in structure of hydrocarbons. The optimal viscosity characteristics and temperature – paraffin base. Mineral oils are low cost, so affordable for a wide range of motorists, but at the same time, due to the large number of additives they are in operation relatively quickly lose their physical and chemical properties, and therefore require more frequent than other types of oils, replacement.

Base oil

Is called the that his get — hydrocracking – treatment technologies and improve the performance of mineral base oils by modifying their molecular structure to such an extent that it becomes its characteristics similar to synthetic, however, the isomerization process is beginning to happen in the opposite direction and cracking the oil loses its lubricating properties. A big plus hydrocracking oils that possessing properties of "synthetic", their price is significantly lower than that of similar synthetic oils.

Synthetic oil

Produced by the method of synthesis of special chemical compounds, which are set in advance of its required characteristics. From all types of synthetic motor oil provides maximum chemical and thermal stability, it has great fluidity, and thus can be used at very low temperatures. It is durable and insensitive to overheating, because it has a high evaporation temperature. Finally, "synthetic" maintains chemical stability throughout the lifetime, which is significantly longer than other types of motor oils. The only disadvantage of synthetic oils is their price. Synthetic oils are the most expensive among all the motor oils.

Semi-synthetic oil

Kind of a compromise, the cocktail of "mineral water" and "synthetics". By mixing in approximately equal proportions component of synthetic and mineral oil with performance characteristics better than mineral, and the price is lower than synthetic.

What's all the same pour

In the engines of cars, irrespective of their technical condition, operating in areas where winter temperatures fall below -200 C, must necessarily be filled in synthetic oil. If you have a new car, engine is in perfect condition with relatively low mileage, you definitely need only synthetic motor oil. If your car is still new, but already rather startled at highways and motorways, the best choice for you – "semi-synthetics" or base oil. For older cars, whose engines have decent wear, we recommend mineral oil because its high viscosity it practically never leaks through the gaskets. The use of mineral oil accommodates engines also undergoing running-in after overhaul. Now, when the situation with different types of motor oils cleared up, you can safely proceed to their choice. Good luck with your purchase!

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