Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder

As practice shows, to create a good DVR even for 8-10 thousand rubles – this is the challenge with which to cope, not every manufacturer. Trying to find in a sea of Chinese crafts price categories "cheaper than 4000 rubles," something worthy is turning into a...

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As practice shows, to create a good DVR even for 8-10 thousand rubles – this is the challenge with which to cope, not every manufacturer. Trying to find in a sea of Chinese crafts price categories "cheaper than 4000 rubles," something worthy is turning into a endless studying forums, reviews, and play a special sort of lottery.

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder

Alternative "Chinese China" in this case – China Russian, that is Russian brands at an affordable price Chinese goods under their brand name. But there is at least some trains manufacturers, ranked according to the degree of involvement of Russian companies in the process of production of end devices. The base of the pyramid, that is, most of these gadgets that is generated by the trivial gluing of the label in the fully-finished Chinese products.

And only a few brands have their own development centers and Assembly in Russia, where he studied not only the advancement and packaging design but also the optimization of the hardware testing, and software firmware. One such company is AdvoCam with development center in Alexandrov, Vladimir oblast.

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder


Today on test we have the Registrar AdvoCam-FD8 Black. He stands in the minimum configuration is about 4,000 rubles (hereinafter – the price of Yandex.Market on August 7, 2015). In addition to "black" there is also "red" (Red, from 5690 roubles) and gold (Gold, about 8 thousand rubles), they are more expensive and offer some additional options. Both "expensive" model shoot video in Super Full HD 1296p (one and a half times clearer Full HD).

AdvoCam-FD8 Gold are additionally able to shoot Full HD with high frame rate of 60 FPS (30 FPS for most registrars) that allows you to replace more parts. Paying about 900 rubles, you can take any version of Registrar (including FD8 Black) complete with a GPS receiver. The addition of this accessory may later be viewed on your computer tracks your trips and overlay on the video stream rubber stamp with the actual speed of the vehicle.

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder

it is Important to understand that the Black budget has a cost not due to the use of cheaper components or outdated ligament matrix video processor, but because of the rejection of such additional options. "Under the knife" has got the following features: complete memory card (again, in the economy of most modern users of this good enough), no warning points radar images, as is typical for medium and premium segment of the us Ambarella processor used a more affordable solution to the Taiwan Novatek.


In all versions of AdvoCam-FD8 used by professional CMOS sensor Aptina size of 1/3". I must say that the company, which immediately discloses the map in respect of their own ways to save causes a little more credibility than brands seeking to emphasize the "premium" even its most penny decisions.

In General, the positioning of the hero of today's review is more or less clear, is a variant of "skimp on the frills" for the most zealous buyers. The main question – is it only on the frills saved, did not disappoint the domestic manufacturer? Try to find out.

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder

Package contents

Box at the Registrar's small but surprisingly informative. In fact, this mini-guide features of the device and even of a kind instruction manual. All the basic controls and design details are marked directly on the package. The marginalia of the box gives an idea of how many hours you can place the video in different quality memory cards, for example, on a 32-Gigabyte card holds a little more than 5 hours of Full HD video.

Widely known in narrow circles of Victor Travin – President of Board of legal protection of car owners, a lawyer and radio and television presenter recommends the Registrar directly from the packaging, and even included you can find it in the brochure. Legally correctly describes the steps in the event of an accident, including proper work with the data recorder. We believe this brochure will be useful in the glove box of each car, not just the features promoted by Trainim Registrar AdvoCam.

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder

Set the minimum at the Registrar, but all is really needed is present. Of course, in place of the power cable from the cigarette lighter socket (with optional USB socket) and a USB cord to the computer, mount the suction Cup to the windshield and six hooks on a double-sided adhesive tape for cable laying. Manual, disc and booklet Travin complete the picture.

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder

Mount AdvoCam-FD8 Black is quite simple: suction Cup, hinge and fixing his screw. Let's hope is not in vain in the development center AdvoCam includes a vibration table, and the bracket must withstand all the charms of Russian roads, coupled with the possible imperfection of the suspension vehicles. At least a first impression of reliability of the suction Cup is quite produces. But what is really convenient in the "advokatska the mount is its mastroyannis and the ability to supply power directly via contacts in the mounting bracket.

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder


with regard to the appearance of the Registrar, it is evident that it is very compact and attempt to make the device is not just another black box. Flowing lines, a combination of soft-touch plastic, and the details of the "chrome" allow AdvoCam-FD8 Black look quite "off-budget", although very very handsome and it also will not name. Useful items – a large 2.7-inch display on the rear panel, there are four control keys.

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder0

on Top of the logger has a power button and menu button, a microUSB connector and analog video output to an external monitor.

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder1

Digital video output, however, also there is a miniHDMI port (the cable will have another look in the left panel.

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder2

the Right side carries a microSD card slot (supported up to 32 GB).

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder3

From the rear is a large 2.7 inch screen, two keys on either side of the display.

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder4 Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder5

Finally, the front is a lens consisting of five enlightened glass lens and led lamp, useful for example in situation when required in the dark to photograph the circumstances of the accident, issuing Registrar out of the car. Overall build quality and fit of body parts is very high, compare with typical "Chinese China" absolutely do not want.

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder6


In General, having dealt with the trappings of the Registrar, it's time to check it out. Best of all, of course, to write videos in Full HD resolution, so that the final material was allowed to read the numbers even from a distance of over 12 meters. You can select the interval of cutting files, from 1 to 20 minutes, and add standard stamps with time, date, license number or speed (with a GPS module) and the resolution from 480p to 1080p, in General, this is all the basic settings. Now about the quality of the video.

Example shooting, AdvoCam-FD8 Black in the daytime:

Example shooting, AdvoCam-FD8 Black at night:

Stop video frames:

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder7 Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder8

the videos, filmed in the daytime claims virtually no, car number plates read at a distance of 12-15 meters, color reproduction without distortion. Night videos demonstrate somewhat reduced range clear of drawing (up to about 8 meters) and noise in dark areas, but overall the picture remains decent. You should evaluate its quality on the test rollers independently.

Overview AdvoCam-FD8 Black: available FHD-recorder9

Standalone operation

Finally, a few words about offline. There are often situations when a Registrar should be used as an independent video camera. For example, to fix the damage to the car, record a conversation with another participant of road accident or traffic police, in General, to get out of the salon and disconnect the power cord. Battery capacity 280 mAh battery will allow you to record a length of about 15-20 minutes, which in the vast majority of cases it will be sufficient.


In the end, the action "save with AdvoCam" in General we can recognize quite successful. Abandoning the "premium" options, the Russian company has managed to reduce the price of full FullHD-Registrar with a quality image up to 3.5 thousand rubles. You can certainly complain about the lack of included memory card or mounting on double-sided adhesive tape, but as the saying goes, "every whim for your money", but catch the middle ground in terms of price and quality AdvoCam was quite successful.

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