How to choose the right shoes for driving. Shoes for driving

Not every footwear is suitable for safe driving. Moreover, the wrong choice of shoes can end in tears for the owner.

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Heel shoes the driver should not be too high. The maximum that you can allow 3-4 cm, not more. And the heel should be broad enough to ensure stable foot position. The fairer sex, flaunt in model shoes or boots on high heels is strongly recommended to have the shoes for driving, which would change the shoes at the time of driving. Pereobuvaniya not always convenient and takes up valuable time? But it will save you no less precious health and life is truly priceless.


Nothing worse than shoes with slippery soles, and then sliding off the pedal. In this case, is a convenient and comfortable driving you fumble and search of the vehicle control pedals. But this takes valuable time and distracts from the order procedure driving. Unlikely in shoes with a thick sole or platform you will be able to feel the pedals, and in critical situations it may happen that instead of the brake pedal is pressed the accelerator pedal. Sometimes, every extra millimeter of thickness of the sole decreases the driver's tactile contact with the vehicle control pedals. We do not encourage you to drive in Slippers. In any case — the driver's foot must be securely tight, soft and comfortable shoes.

Other important "stuff"

Dress shoes with multiple buckles and other decorative elements can cling to the pedal at the most inopportune moment. The same applies to fashionable shoes or boots with long socks. Shoes with an open heel also threatens traffic safety. There is no guarantee that at the most inopportune, and perhaps the crucial moment, for example, during overtaking, the foot will not slip out of these "flops" and will not come off with the pedals.

Summing up

Shoes for driving should be: — convenient; — with a low and wide heel; — non-slip and not too thick sole; — with a closed heel; — no protruding decorative elements. According to many automotive experts, the best option of footwear for the driver of the car are soft moccasins. In such footwear you will feel driving comfortable and confident.

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