News digest for the week (number 1)

We have now passed the middle of the month and we invite you to read the latest news from the world of mobile technology that occurred this week. In this issue we will discuss a new player on the Russian market the Chinese company Xiaomi, the approaching date of the announcement rethought...

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we have now Passed the middle of the month and we invite you to read the latest news from the world of mobile technology that occurred this week. In this issue we will discuss a new player on the Russian market the Chinese company Xiaomi, the approaching date of the announcement of a reimagined Windows 10 and more!

Xiaomi officially comes to Russia

News digest for the week (number 1)

This news was waiting, if not all, very many fans and fans of the brand, which managed to get acquainted with the devices, Mi2, Mi3, Red Rice, RedMi Note and other more iconic products running heavily modified interface Android firmware MIUI, which combines the best of both worlds, Google and Apple. The company officially signed an agreement with the "marvel-Distribution" the sale of tablet computers in the country. As for smartphones, while it is silent, although it is a good candidate for cooperation could become a German chain of electronics stores and household appliances Media Markt, unfortunately, lost its positions in China in 2013.

News digest for the week (number 1)

Well, on our website, you usually can find highlights and technical specifications of current models of the company.

Windows 10 will be released on 29 April

News digest for the week (number 1)

Microsoft has named the exact release date of its new operating system Windows 10, which will be held on July 29. At the beginning of the tenth of June, users of licensed copies of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 received a notification about the possibility to reserve a download of the new OS. Was also named the exact size of the updates – three gigabytes. As for program participants and Tecnical Insider Preview, the assurances of Microsoft, they can get updated with the latest build 10146 either the same day or slightly later.

News digest for the week (number 1)

the release of Windows 10 Mobile for smartphones, we know that Microsoft is planning to give the finished version to OEMs in late September-early October, and a long-awaited update for the current models can only begin closer to the winter holidays. You can always be informed if visit our Vkontakte group.

the Microsoft E3

News digest for the week (number 1)

Electronic Entertainment Expo the electronic entertainment Expo held annually in Los Angeles, USA was hurriedly taken the cool announcements Microsoft Xbox One.

News digest for the week (number 1)

In total, included such exclusives AAA-level as Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport 6, Gears of War 4, Sea of Thieves, Halo 5, Recore, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and cross-platform The Division. Little time was given to many indie projects and recently purchased Minecraft, the full technology of virtual modeling space HoloLens. Who-who, and Quantum Break and Scalebound are unable to reach the exhibition, but this does not mean that the projects will simply forget.

News digest for the week (number 1)

For the console were also presented new wireless controller Elite, with the possibility of easy customization of buttons, input TRS 3.5 mm MiniJACK for headphones and a new, more ergonomic trigger.

in addition, Microsoft launched the Xbox Preview program, the same Insider Preview for computers. This year Xbox One will get a fresh version of the adapted personal assistant Cortana and compatibility with games from the Xbox 360.

Apple presented iOS 9, watchOS2 and OS X Yosemite

News digest for the week (number 1)

on June 9 in San Francisco, California, United States, Apple has held a regular annual exhibition for developers, which showed three new operating systems: iOS 9 for ARM devices, watchOS2 for "smart" watches and OS X Yosemite for MacBook series products.

briefly, in fact, Apple is the next optimizations and "develop" their software seems not to fans, but also ordinary consumers.

News digest for the week (number 1)

So, in iOS 9 going back to the old iOS6 when typing more letters you can see the enlarged font and the animation clicking on the screen. On the screen Spotlight added ideological heir Fastlane from Nokia experience engineers in product line X – shift to the left opens a list of suggestions for apps, contacts and locations and Siri automatically collect and analyze user activity. Something similar has already been implemented at the Taiwanese developer HTC. Notification center is calibrated and has a more pleasing look. In the settings there is a search on key words, the font became smaller, and multitasking, as such, is very similar to Android 5.0 LolliPop, but the implementation is closer to the latest build of the Windows 10 Insider Preview 10136 – scroll is horizontal.

News digest for the week (number 1)

Generally, many are now reminiscent of all the Microsoft. iPad iOS 9 got the opportunity to split the screen into two halves and use a full multi-tasking as between native and third-party software. It is worth mentioning that in Windows 8.1, this technology is used since 2012 and allows you to run three applications instead of two. Changed the virtual keyboard. But only for the iPad Pro, which will receive a 12.9-inch screen. Keys has declined, and the old set was added to the Tab, Caps Lock, strings with special characters @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (), _, + . Had the opportunity to select all text using multi-tap, and finally predictive.

News digest for the week (number 1)0

El Capitan is such a strange and uncommon name of one of the largest largest mountain ranges in Yosemite national Park, California, USA. But not much change. With the rapid movement of the mouse cursor increases in size, so the user could easily find his location. Tabs in Safari is now possible to consolidate not in a separate menu, and right next to the address bar and quickly jump to their discovery. Has a button for mute, which is helpful when the user open many tabs and it is unclear where he is playing.

News digest for the week (number 1)1

Significantly increased the speed and stability of the system, but from the past design then remained the General pattern of the desktop, and all icons and apps redrawn in favor of the new flat style as in iOS. Speaking of desktops. Them there can now be two or three. Like in Windows 10. And the applications can be divided into two halves of the screen.

News digest for the week (number 1)2

as for watchOS2, now as a screensaver you can install not only photos, but also fixated the movies shot in TimeLapse mode. On top of this headband will be the time indicator.

News digest for the week (number 1)3

When connected to a charger, the Apple Watch become the mode "Night", and if they shift to the side – go to alarm mode – to disable should touch wheel Digital Crown.

News digest for the week (number 1)4 News digest for the week (number 1)5

there was the equivalent of the Notification Center with the image clock. TimeTravel – a feature that helps to control the to-do list and plans. Other innovations relate to communication features.

  • add the selected subscribers right from the clock screen
  • Ability to reply to emails using voice assistant Siri
  • the Function to share each other with colored sketches
News digest for the week (number 1)6

the Recorder is now also fully involved in the life of the owner and allows you to reply to a received of the messengers notifications voice memo. Voice assistant Siri recognizes commands about the beginning of the training. The function resembles that Transit app HERE Transit on Windows Phone and displays information about the routes and movements of urban transport.

HomeKit allows you to control devices for smart homes, as well as to connect to the vehicle to, for example, put the car on the alarm or change the temperature regime of the climate control.

Modified Watch Kit, to developers to test their application directly on the device screen. In the new packages, describing the work dynamics, the accelerometer, and hardware-software complex TapticEngine and the Digital Crown.

on the one hand, this digest turned out uneven in size material. We added more, somewhere less, but this does not mean that we are not ready to pay each of the news more time. In following releases we will tell about the new trends of the market and detailed look at the world of technologically advanced electronic devices. Stay in touch with us.

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