Wrike is a unique project management system online

Wrike is a unique service for project management, allowing to control tasks. The service greatly facilitates the work, as it takes a part of tasks, such as tracking of working hours, planning and organizing projects on an interactive temporary...

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Wrike is a unique service for project management, allowing to control tasks. The service greatly facilitates the work, as it takes a part of tasks, such as tracking of working hours, planning and organizing projects on an interactive timeline, and also has the function of communicating and working together online for teams of any size.

Wrike is a unique project management system online

Wrike gives you the ability to combine multiple teams to work on shared projects, organize tasks by priority, to monitor the degree of loading of the team and the timing of certain tasks, which allows to significantly reduce the efficiency of the team as a whole. Also a useful feature for management is the creation of a transparent planning and reporting, the reports are generated automatically. Personalization, everyone will be able to tailor the service for yourself according to personal preference.

the project management System, Wrike is available in 10 languages (Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish). Has mobile clients for Android and iOS and a Chrome extension and integration with many other applications and services.

In General, to the list of useful features include: task Management, task panes, and load monitoring, Interactive timeline, a feed of updates, Integration with email Apps for iPhone and Android, the Online editor of tasks, Exchange of documents, version Control.

a striking example of the effectiveness of Wrike is a list of companies that use this service, which includes giants such as HTC, PayPal, Amazon.com, AT&T, Hootsuite, Pure Storage, Capgemeni, Ecco, Hawaiian Airlines, MTV. Agree, a track record. Service Wrike was named the best in категорииCool Vendors in Social Software and Collaboration, 2014 study by consulting firm Gartner.

"One of the main principles of Hootsuite is the fact that we are always looking for opportunities to work more efficiently, and Wrike helps us in this." – Brian Lam, marketing operations coordinator, Hootsuite

Joint work on the website launch in Wrike so inspiring and successful experience that currently the departments of marketing, sales and product development using Wrike to perform their daily tasks. Ramon Glinka (Ramon Glieneke), marketing Director at Only-apartments

For marketers and marketing agencies will be useful functions for creating templates, fixing the procedure that will give confidence to the results of the work and put the experts needs extra questions because all the necessary materials are at their fingertips thanks to a single repository. Including useful features are the sequence of tasks in the project with a reminder and demonstration of the employment of teams in reporting, editing in real time and the unification of the chain, as well as interactive graphs for the coordination of work.

Wrike is a unique project management system online

Everyone knows that when disrupting the timing of projects revenue for the execution of the work decrease gradually, to avoid such financial losses will help the task management system and project Wrike with the help of which you can check the workload of staff and spread responsibilities, and monitor time worked on each project. Particularly demanding customers may be invited to Wrike as a collaborator to monitor the progress of the project and participation in discussions of ways of implementing those come other problems.

As mentioned above, all employees have access to a single repository containing images, videos, and documents, and able to control versions and access to this same data. For communication commands with one-stop service and comments to tasks or documents. All requests and comments are stored centrally, which undoubtedly assists in the coordination of work.

the Young marketing company is now able to spend on meetings half of this time, all issues can be quickly discussed in Wrike. With the expansion of state marketing company to monitor work on projects and share relevant information became increasingly difficult. The company can simplify these tasks by starting to use Wrike.

"Thanks to Wrike to manage projects much easier. The service is configured in two, and to the interface immediately get used to it." Ramon Glinka (Ramon Glieneke), marketing Director at Only-apartments

"Wrike is the ideal choice. It has all the needed functions. Thanks to him we now have a much better, faster and more productive." – Timothy Seward (Timothy Seward, CEO ROI Revolution

For developers and manufacturers of Wrike can also be incredibly useful project management system online. This is due to the high demand for developers and their constant short supply, so existing staff must be used as efficiently as possible. This will make management of the workload of the staff and planning products. The service provides 2 modes of planning: flexible and cascade.

Wrike is a unique project management system online

Flexible mode allows you to manage the task queue, add stories to sprints and monitor progress on the burndown charts tasks. Cascading plan allows you to set milestones and dependencies between tasks, and to demonstrate plans on the interactive Gantt chart. Here, as in other areas, IT plays an important role in the completion of the project by the deadline, which is very difficult, given the specificity of this sphere.

Statistics show that up to 60-75% of development is spent on corrections and improvements related to poor understanding of customer requirements. The service helps to inform plans for the whole team to avoid further corrections and missed deadlines of delivery of projects, respectively. Also, the team will always know about possible changes to the timing for further adjustment timetable for its work.

project managers get with Wrike necessary functionality for project management and the team as a whole – many opportunities for collaborative work on multiple projects simultaneously. Wrike is able to adapt to personal preferences and needs of any Manager. So, thanks to custom fields and statuses much easier to manage many different projects and teams, as well as control everything to the smallest detail. The specifics of the current business, namely the need for a high speed operation and effectiveness of cooperation, as well as at home makes adjustments to work.

Wrike is a unique project management system online

Wrike allows you to quickly adapt to the particularities of each project or team, through client for iPhone and Android to adjust the operation not only from the workplace but also on the go. The service displays an always accurate and up to date data on projects and informs participants, in addition to the service implemented patented technology integrates with email, allowing you to reduce the time for work correspondence.

Wrike's Interface is simple to operate and provides opportunities to work together in real-time. All this allows to reduce the number of workshops. To the wide functionality of the service is to include interactive Gantt chart showing dependencies and critical paths, resource planning and budget, basic reports, direct import from Microsoft Project and Excel, and more.

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