How to get rid of the water in the tank. How to remove water from the fuel tank

Did you know that at the bottom of the fuel tank of your car shake from 100 ml to one liter of the ordinary water able to do a lot of troubles?

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Did you know that at the bottom of the fuel tank of your car shake from 100 ml to one litre of the most ordinary water, is able to do a lot of troubles?

Where in the tank the water

The most simple and trivial explanation – the quality of gasoline at filling stations. There are owners of petrol stations who wish to obtain profit even such barbarous method, as mixing water in the gasoline. The second reason is the nature itself. The frequent change in weather conditions, when the rainy days alternated with heat or in thick fog, when the cover is in half-empty fuel tank gets moist air. After reducing the temperature of the water vapor contained in the air, settles to the bottom of the tank in the form of condensation. The water trapped in the bottom, immediately becomes a "perpetual inhabitant" of a petrol tank, as the top covered with a layer of gas, which, as you know, considerably lighter than water. And so, drop by drop, into the tank and accumulates a certain amount of water.

What are the dangers of water in fuel tank

First of all, the water that gets through the fuel line to the engine can damage the fuel injection system or fuel pump high pressure diesel injection or engine. About the stable operation of the engine, if it still works, you can forget. The engine speed will be unstable, it will be troit, and the car will move smoothly, especially if the fuel in the tank left a bit, and the road – continuous pits and pits. In winter time, the water trapped in the fuel line, freeze in it and blocks access of fuel to the engine, and the driver, mistakenly thinking that she had run out of gas, fill it full tank and will try to start the car, raping serviceable at 100% the engine and discharging the battery, will try to start the car with the tow or a boost from another battery.

How to get rid of water in the tank

If the bottom of the tank has a drain plug, then the logical solution would be to Unscrew it and drain any remaining fuel, together with the accumulated condensate. If this tube no, get rid of the water in the tank at a service station, this procedure is simple and takes very little time. As an alternative to a HUNDRED can be added to the tank special additives to clean the tank from water, but experienced drivers not wanting to pour in the gas tank of a liquid of unknown composition, act differently. Every autumn, on the eve of winter frosts, the tank is filled with 200 to 300 ml ethyl, methyl or isopropyl alcohol, and then refilled the tank with gasoline at the neck. The alcohol is mixed with water, forms a mixture which will not freeze in any frost, moreover, no problem is pumped into the fuel system that burns like regular gasoline and is discharged through valve gear. Important note: because in addition to water and alcohol dissolves all the sludge accumulated on the bottom of the tank during the cleaning process of the tank from the water change the fuel filter with a new one. The fact is that in a short time it becomes clogged from debris raised by the alcohol from the bottom of the tank, so check its condition and if necessary make a replacement. In fuel tanks of diesel cars, the drivers-professionals pour 0.5 liters of engine oil for 50 liters of diesel fuel. During the drive the oil and water form an emulsion, which is perfectly combusted in a car engine.

How to avoid ingress of water into the tank

The main thing – do not ride with a half-empty tank, occasionally "dripping" on him because of 5-10 liters. The vehicle's fuel tank should be kept full of "eyeballs" and refuel at every opportunity, filling the fuel at the neck completely from the tank displacing the air. Follow as we present tips and troubles associated with the presence of water in the fuel tank, never darken your mood when traveling. Good luck to you!

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