How to sit behind the wheel of a car. The correct fit in the car

Improper planting may lead not only to aching back, stiff neck and tired hands, the ability to sit correctly behind the wheel depend on the safety and lives of both driver and passengers.

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seat adjustment

The first thing to do for the first time sat behind the wheel of a new or unfamiliar car – to adjust the driver's seat. The distance from the seat to the pedals falsely to be such that when pressing down to the end of the pedal leg was almost fully extended. Reclining seat adjustable to a position in which outstretched hands rested on the top of the rim of the steering wheel, touching it with the wrists. Back at this time must be tight against the shoulder blades to the back of the seat. If in the options of your iron horse, there is an adjustment of the seat height, lift up or lower the seat down so that the distance from the top of the head to the ceiling was about 5 cm. In seats with adjustable bending back the curve should be adjusted so that it accurately followed the form of the spine. After making all of the adjustments at the same time try to lift up and the arms and legs. If the execution of this movement have you spent a fraction of a second and not have to produce unneeded and unnecessary movements for the attainment of equilibrium or search for points of support, so the seat is correctly adjusted.

hand Position on steering wheel

If conditionally to divide the wheel into 12 sectors and match them with the numbers of the watch dial, the correct and safe will be the position of the hands on the steering wheel when the left hand is placed on the number 10 and the right on 2 or, as professional drivers, the position of "ten to two". Thumbs this should be placed inside the rim. Many recommend placing your hands on the steering wheel in position "without fifteen three". It was during the "closed grip" the steering wheel and the above-described arrangement of the arms provides the most optimal and safe control of the steering mechanism of the vehicle. Do not use the wheel as an additional point of support, do not squeeze it with a death grip, hands should be almost completely relaxed.


The right leg needs heel to rest on the floor under the brake pedal. At such position of the foot of the right leg, in the event of emergency braking sufficiently, releasing the accelerator pedal, turn the foot toward the brake pedal without lifting the heel while off the floor, and press the pedal. Time to perform this movement you need is negligible – a matter of seconds. With regard to the left foot, after the clutch pedal is released, remove foot from the pedal, place it on the area, and if not – place at the bottom and to the left of the clutch pedal. Do not over-exert your muscles, relax them, give them a rest. Remember a simple rule: the less legs bent in the knee joints and the instep of the foot, the faster and better you will be able to respond to changing road conditions. And take care of comfortable and safe shoes that securely holds the foot pedal and providing full tactile contact with the vehicle control pedals. Let your planting be convenient, the operation of the machine is comfortable and the driving – safe!

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