How to fill the car. Rules for filling the machine

The tips in this publication to someone can seem too detailed and simple, but not those who recently purchased his first car.

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When you need to refuel

To fill the car immediately need, as soon as the needle on the instrument indicating the fuel level in the fuel tank, closer to the 1/2 mark, meaning half the capacity of the tank. First of all: constantly riding with a half-empty, or nearly empty tank, you, without knowing it, will drop by drop to collect air from an empty fuel tank the condensate in the form of water, which over time collected in the tank number, the ability to cripple the engine of your iron horse. Secondly: driving with an empty tank, sooner or later the moment will come when fuel will simply end and all you have to do is vote on a deserted highway or in the middle of a crowded Avenue, clutching either the tow rope or an empty canister.

gas stations

Here you should rely on your own experience and the opinion of friends, acquaintances or users of car forums. Some filling with a high price sell high-quality fuel, others diluted. Similarly, there is "good" and "bad" filling with relatively low prices for fuel. In General experience, experience and experience again. As your own, and your surroundings.

What fuel needs iron horse

The truth of capital, but still they repeat. Petrol engines need petrol and diesel – diesel oil. Regarding the choice of the type of gasoline, here you need to take into account recommendations from the user guide of your car or to listen to the advice of professional drivers. Most vehicles with petrol engines need 95-th gasoline, the owners of used cars and products of the Soviet automobile industry can feel free to pour 92nd. Not straitened in the means and attitude relevant to their four-wheeled friends usually refuel marks "Extra" or "Premium".


Keep in mind that not all the gas station traffic – one-way, so I stop at the gas station on the right side, looking through the eyes of a column with the desired fuel, and if the dispensers universal (with full fuel range), drive to the one that is currently free. Which side of your car is the hatch of the fuel tank? That side and drive up to the column, stopping so that the tank hatch was opposite the dispensers. Be sure to kill the car, put it on the handbrake and planted (or not planted) passengers. Opening the tank flap and cap (if it has a castle) called the tanker brand of fuel and its quantity. In the absence of the tanker is taken out from the column, the hose from the gun and insert it into the neck of the tank. Heading to the checkout, paid the cost of gasoline or make a Deposit, if you refuel in cork. Wait until the gas attendant will fill your car, monitoring the correctness of filling in the scoreboard, located on the column. Do not forget to tighten the fuel cap, the tanker is to say "thank you", and go to the cashier for the change, but if you filled up a full tank. It is also desirable to take in the cash register receipt in case the gas station of an unknown reputation then to prove that substandard fuel refueling.

Leave from the gas station

Do not forget about the one-way traffic at the gas station? Then go to the left side to the exit, behind the traffic on the main road and off you go! Let the novice motorists not nervous before the first race refueling: all procedures performed at the filling station is extremely simple and intuitive intuitive. Even if you do something wrong, you always give good advice and will help as a staff of a gas station, and more experienced drivers.

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