How to avoid avtopodstavy. How to avoid becoming a victim of car scams

Major criminal business, which is avtopodstava, brings those who is engaged in considerable profits. Read how not to become a victim of avtopodstavy.

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The situation first. You come to an intersection where going to turn right. Near the junction, on the right side of the road is parked a foreign car. You turn a right turn and going to maneuver the turn. Car immediately includes left turn and starts to move. Then, seeing your car, and it is suspended from the open window comes the hand waving at you, "Drive on!". You can safely execute the turn, secure in the knowledge that you gallantly gave way. And a foreign car at that time was off and neatly adjusted his pre-hit wing to your body. Twisted metal, fighting, extortion of money. The second situation. You are moving on the highway, in the left lane. Behind you catches hell of a jeep and flashing, demanding to give way. You anxiously turn the steering wheel to the right to readjust to the right lane and let the impatient driver pass. But the right lane moves behind you old car that you don't see in the rearview mirror, because she took that position that got you into "dead zone". And as soon as you begin to readjust to the right, the car adds speed and you touch her pre-mutilated side. And again you are extreme because you performed the maneuver rebuild, and the other driver was driving on his lane. The third situation. You drive around town in one of the bands. Suddenly I hear a muffled sound of impact on the body from the right or the left side. This is followed by the flashing lights and the roar of car horns. Stop, turn on the hazard lights and get out of the car. You run up strong (and not) men and accuse you that you used sideways to their car and demonstrate injury to its body and stripes on the side of your car. It's simple, you didn't cling, window catch up to you, the machine, from the neighboring lane, the attackers with the force of thrown into the side of the body of your iron horse, a plastic bottle filled with sand. Further, while two criminals fight, bully you, third emery paper draws on the body of your car is ugly streaks. Such situations a lot, but they are all the same type, built so that the victim avtopodstavy violated traffic rules and was responsible for the accident.

How to choose a victim

Make of the vehicle. The machine must be new, but average or slightly below average price range. On these cars not the oligarchs or "authorities" and ordinary people who have money, but they are few. The behavior of the machine on the road. For professional avtopodstavy just a few minutes of observation for a potential victim to his style of driving to determine the greenest novice is behind the wheel or AC, which is best avoided. If the car is attached with a mark "Y" or "!", he is doomed to become a victim of car criminals. The appearance of the driver and passengers in the cabin are the important criteria for criminals, which, to put such a car your car or not. The presence of passengers in the victim's car for avtopodstavy is highly undesirable, because in case of a collision the first will be the witnesses, and psychologically pressure on one driver easier, than even on travel companions. A tasty morsel for criminals will be neatly dressed driver intelligent-looking man or woman with a small child, which is easy to intimidate and "to dissolve" on money.

How to avoid avtopodstavy

The most important thing – to drive following all traffic rules, because in this case avtopodstavy will be difficult to find fault with your actions. The rebuilding of the strip into the strip should be given special attention and execute them very carefully, making sure there are no vehicles in your blind spot. Performing maneuvers that create interference to other traffic participants, it should be only after the cars that you "prevent" safely disperse. Pay no attention to allow the gestures of the drivers, give them the way and patiently wait for your manoeuvre will cause no inconvenience. Be careful when you receive old used car with a crumpled parts of the body. If on the road there are members of the movement, persistently distracting your attention, be careful – maybe somewhere near you is moving the car which want to lend you at risk. Get a DVR it will be your trump card when you investigate the causes of the accident. In addition, the presence in the cabin of the car DVR will automatically bring your vehicle into the category of unpromising for avtopodstavy.

If the accident happened

In no case do not remove the vehicle from the scene, even if you have a giant cork. Your actions can be construed as hiding from the scene, and it is fraught with not only criminal liability, but the insurance company refuses to pay insurance compensation. Turn on the hazard lights, sit in the car and lock the doors and call the telephone traffic police or the traffic police. During the call be sure to specify the make of the car and avtopodstavy. Do not hesitate and call the representative of the insurance company. Do not engage in verbal sparring with the participants of traffic accidents and do not get fooled by their offers to resolve the issue without the involvement of law enforcement agencies and insurance companies. Take a picture of the machine. who were in a car accident and record the mobile phone numbers of witnesses, this will help in communication with employees of traffic police and in court proceedings, if such to get it. Remember that a legitimate solution to problems related to accidents, intruders is extremely disadvantageous, because the money they will receive, and yourself and car to "Shine". We believe that knowledge of the working methods of avtopodstavy and vigilance behind the wheel are guaranteed to protect you from avtopodstavy. You no nail, no wand!

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