How to differentiate the vehicles by type of body. Classification of car bodies

I have heard the names of car bodies, pickup truck, coupe, Targa, Roadster, but not quite clear are the differences between them? No problem, will figure it out together.

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Classification of bodies according to the number of volumes

Volume – body, in which the engine, passenger and cargo compartments are United into one. Doobjednat – the body, consisting of two volumes: compartment for the engine and the passenger compartment, combined with cargo. Three-volume body with separate power, passenger and cargo compartments.

Types of car bodies

Sedan Closed three-volume four-door body with two rows of seats Limousine Three-volume four-door closed body with two or more rows of seats and a glass partition between the driver and rear passazhirami Coupe Three-volume two-door closed body with one or two rows of seats Wagon Doobjednat three or pyatidverny body with two rows of seats. After folding the rear row of seats, the body turns into gruzoperevozki Hatchback Doobjednat three or pyatidverny body with two rows of seats. The rear row of seats folds up, transforming the body in gruzoperevozki. A cross between a sedan and a wagon. Fastback Doobjednat two - or four-door body with a smoothly sloping back roof(a cross between a hatchback and a sedan; not currently used) Convertible Three-volume four-door body with two rows of seats, with a folding rear wall and part of the roof. Phaeton Analogue convertible with a fully opening body and a removable sidewalls Lando Sedan with an opening over the rear seats part of the roof. The van Three-volume passenger body with an enclosed cargo compartment behind the passenger cabin Pickup Three-volume passenger body with an open cargo compartment behind the passenger cabin Roadster Three-volume a body double with a folding soft top Targa A sports Roadster variant with fixed windshield, removable roof and rear window Minibus Single or doobjednat grazbachgasse body In one article it is impossible to consider all types of car bodies, so I had to omit the description of some of their less used variants. No matter what body type your car, let him faithfully serve you without breakdowns and accidents throughout its iron age!

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