What to do if you have to steal a car. What to do when stealing a car

Despite the abundance of various anti theft systems and burglar alarms car thefts occur regularly. What to do if you stole a car?

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Despite the abundance of various anti-theft systems and security alarms car thefts occur regularly. What to do if you stole a car? The main thing – to cope with gripped you with despair, not to panic and not to make unreasonable and inappropriate actions, which later come to regret.

Immediate notification to law enforcement agencies about the carjacking

The first thing you need to do is to call the call center of the police or the police and report the car stolen. If since the kidnapping took less than an hour, it might be declared the plan "Interception" with a stop and check all more or less similar cars and, quite possibly, your machine will be able to find hot pursuit. Waiting in the place car theft the arrival of the operational group is necessary to ensure the safety and integrity of the crime scene. Make sure that at that place is not parked another car, not reinstall the tracks and disappeared from the crime scene left by the criminals evidence.

Communication with the investigative team

Arrived at the location of the stolen car employees of the investigation team should provide as much information about the stolen vehicle: circumstances of theft, the registration data of the machine, when, where and from whom they bought the car, the mileage, amount of petrol in the fuel tank at the time of theft, distinctive features, etc.

Writing and check the theft report

After talking with operatives should in the near the police station to write a statement about the theft, stating as much information about the stolen car, up to scratches, defects or stickers on the back. Don't forget to bring the coupon at the Desk that your the theft report is received and registered. If the car was insured, the insurance company must get a reference on the criminal case on the fact of theft. Everything will be explained hereinafter, should be done by law enforcement officers. But you know, they have a lot of work? Besides, you have a vested interest in the speedy return of your four-wheeled friend? So – for the work.

Search surveillance cameras and DVRs

You should examine carefully the place of the committed theft, in search of surveillance cameras and to interview the drivers standing and the car drove up with DVRs. Useful can be anyone, even a brief snippet of video recording.

Interview possible witnesses

You must pass adjacent entrances and interviewed janitors, grandmothers-pensioners, young mothers with children, the homeless and other outcasts, as a rule, they see much and know much. Connect to this employment of their relatives and acquaintances or work colleagues.

Using flyers, Newspapers, radio and television

Need to print a decent (1000 or more copies) number of self-composed ads of the abduction of the car with a brief but succinct description, and take real (not promise mountains of gold) the promise of a reward for return or help return of the machine. You should have patience and to stick, to spread, to distribute ads, making them available to the widest possible range of people. Ads with the same text should be placed in Newspapers, on radio, television and Internet resources.

Bypass car markets and garages

With relatives or friends to conduct a RAID at the maximum possible number of garage cooperatives, automotive markets, Parking lots, services and points of disassembly. In case of detection of your car do not take any action yourself, contact the part of the duty or investigator investigating your case. In General, trust the professionals.I would not like that you had to face in real life with the situation described in the article. Let your perseverance, patience and endurance will be focused on achieving very different goals in life! Let you all will be fine!

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