How to pump up a tubeless tire own. A few ways to pump up a tubeless tyre

After mounting tubeless tire on rim its not so easy to pump up. Points of the tire and a HUNDRED don't count. We are interested in how to pump up a tubeless tyre.

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Why is everything so difficult

The problem is that usually after mounting the wheel between the tire and the rim of the disk is a gap size from 5 millimeters to 5 centimeters, or, as professionals say, the tire is "shrunk back". Pump up the tire foot, and so a manual pump, just does not make sense – all of the pump discharge air will escape through the aforementioned slit. At the tire store this question is solved simply: using the device for Pavlodar, powerful compressors, boosters or inflatory in the gap between rim and tire for a short time served a large amount of air. After the tire "snaps" and sit on the mounting location, the pumping of air is produced in the usual way – through nipple tires regular hose with pressure gauge. What if the pneumatic shock simply no? During the years of operation motorists invented several ways of inflating tubeless tires. From safe to risky, from labour-intensive to require no physical effort. Which method is more acceptable, you choose.

Use flammable liquids

Fully assembled and mounted the wheel lay on the ground. The valve core of the nipple should be unscrewed. In the gap between the tire and the wheel in a circle apply a small (10 to 20 ml) the amount of gasoline, liquid WD-40 or carburetor cleaner karliner. Next, you need a safe way (using a torch from the newspaper or from a distance throwing a match) to ignite flammable liquid vapours formed inside the tire, which, out of their enthusiasm that will increase volume of air and after a notable cotton tire will sit tightly on its seat. It is not excluded that the wheel can jump to a height of half a meter above the ground. So be ready for such effects and use caution. The nipple is screwed into the valve core and inflate the tire in the usual way by means of a pump.

Resort to inflated wheels

The spare tire or the wheel on the machine pumped the pump until a pressure of about 4 atmospheres. From the pump remove the hose and the side which was removed from the pump tube, put on the nipple tubeless tire that must be inflated. Remember: the valve core from the tire needs to be unscrewed. The second end of the hose with a lock put on the fitting tire pressure and fix it. Air from "overinflated" tires through the hose will be under pressure to enter the empty bus and she quickly "seat". Will disconnect the first hose from the wheel a donor, and then from the bus and the recipient, to screw the valve into the nipple and to pump up both wheels to the desired pressure.

Use rope

If a piece of webbing or rope to wrap the tire in a circle, along the line of protectors, and then the rope to pull together and fix, its working surface is slightly deformed, but the edge of the tire will be pressed against the rim of the disk. You can then screw the valve core and inflate the tire, without worrying about the rope – it will slip off the wheels while filling the air. These methods, simple and not very good, always help in a difficult situation, away from the point of maintenance, and pumping up tubeless tires will no longer be a challenging and daunting task. May you all and always turns out!

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