How to extend the life of automobile tires. Rules of storage and operation of automotive rubber

For the life tires your car was long, it helps to follow some simple the rules of their storage and operation.

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For the life of your tyres your car was long enough to follow simple rules for their storage and use.

What is "killing" trunks

Tires begin to age from the moment of their birth. It is a peculiarity of rubber, which is a permanent part of the car "footwear". Despite all sorts of additives and additives, tires still age. The life of automobile tires is reduced from improper storage, UV exposure, temperature changes, contact with the surface of diesel fuel, gasoline and engine oil, plus they inevitably wear out, both from right and from wrong operation.

Storage of car tires

After replacing the summer tires in the winter (or Vice versa) automotive tires you need to prepare: peel, wash and dry. After drying, the rays are preferably treated with a special spray that will help protect the rubber surface from exposure to external factors. Ideally, tires should be stored in the garage (not on the balcony!), dressed in special brackets, but it is unlikely that rays available to most motorists. Therefore, the best option for the storage of tires without wheels will be placing them in the covers in an upright position (like books on a shelf). The worst bit will be the option of positioning (flat) tire on the floor, a shelf or a rack. Thus, to avoid deformation, do not place the tire on one another, and put them on different objects. And it is really unimportant way – to hang on a hook on the wall, but do not forget once a week or two to crank out the ramp to keep it from warping. The tires on the wheels is best stored inflated to operational pressure, they can be placed in any order, but best of all – the "stack" (in a horizontal position on top of one another).

time to change seasonal rubber

Without waiting for a stable Morozov, already with the first frost should change summer to winter tires. It is also important to timely execute and return the process to replace winter tires to summer. Because the strength and flexibility of the summer tires are completely different from the technical characteristics of winter tires, late "pereobuvaniya" car backfire higher wear of the tires.

tire Pressure and camber-sozdanie wheels

Monthly you need to check the air pressure in the tires, because the tires are harmful, such as low pressure in the wheel cylinders, and redundant. As in the first and in the second case, the tire wear will be high and uneven. Extend the life of the tires will help periodic (after the change of rubber) check the alignment of the wheels, because it incorrectly determined the value of rubber wheel wear will be noticeable already after a couple of hundred kilometers.

Alternating tires

Every 10 thousand kilometers need to rotate the car wheels according to the scheme available in the Datasheet or in the manual of the car. Because the rubber on the drive wheels wear out faster than the slave, periodic change to ensure even wear of all tires of the vehicle.

driving Style and the nature of the drive

When driving in the city, with frequent stops and turns, with dynamically changing speed, the tyres will wear more rapidly than when driving with constant speed on the highway. Noticeably more wear on the tires of the drivers with a "active" manner of driving with sharp turns, braking and acceleration, than those who prefer a quiet and smooth ride.Although the tire life is limited to 5-7 years, their proper storage and maintenance will allow you to safely use them over a long period of time. You no nail, no wand!

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