Mariani on the Crimean roads and revision of the decision on Crimea

The head of the delegation of the French delegation spoke about the changes that they saw in the Crimea.

2016-07-31 12:51:27 18

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Sevastopol, July 31 — the head of the delegation of French parliamentarians, who arrived in the Crimea, Thierry Mariani noted improvement in the status of the Crimean roads and did not rule out the possibility of recognition of the Crimea by the French Parliament as part of Russia. "Together with my colleagues, I saw the changed region. Most of all, I drew attention to the roads", — shared his impressions Mariani, who has headed the visit of the French deputies in the Crimea. According to the politician, the position of the French authorities in the Crimea may change if victory in the elections will be won by the Republicans. According to the French, thousands of spectators of the military parade dedicated to the Day of Navy of Russia, on the embankment of Sevastopol are the best proof that the territory of Crimea is "occupied".

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