Summary of Syria: SAA slew "martyrs of Islam" in Damascus,

The number of settlements affiliated to the mode of reconciliation in the SAR increased from 301 to 310.

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Tehran (Iran), July 31 - In most Syrian provinces observed the silence, but without violations of the do not have. The terrorist organizations Islamic State and jabhat al Fatah al-sham"* (earlier group was called "al-Nusra Dzhebhat") six times fired from improvised artillery and mortars settlements in Damascus and several residential neighborhoods in Aleppo. Also there is good news, the number who joined the reconciliation process in the Syrian Arab Republic increased from 301 to 310. Was signed the peace agreement with representatives of the villages of the province of as-Suwayda, Latakia and HOMS. The number of armed groups that have declared their commitment to the adoption and implementation of the conditions of the regime of silence, remained unchanged at 61. It is reported by the Russian center for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria. The Province Of Damascus. In the mountains kalamun, last night, several units of the Lebanese army conducted a series of military operations against the terrorist group Islamic State. It was a continuation of a large-scale offensive on the Eastern areas of Syria and their release from the militants. According to information from military sources, the Lebanese military units attacked the defensive positions of the Islamists in the desert of Kaa and in the highlands of Baalbak, which pass through the province of the Lebanese Bekaa and the Syrian Damascus. Data on losses among the terrorists of ISIS have not yet been reported. Do not stop shooting and in the other suburbs of the Syrian capital, Darayya. Throughout the night, the air force, artillery and Marines of the CAA were not left in peace of the two branches of the Islamist "free Syrian army" - "brigades of Martyrs of Islam and the ajnad Facebook page al-sham*. In total following the attack by government forces had killed more than 15 terrorists. How do you think the Syrian military, the Islamist group has lost all chances of survival. Their area of responsibility gradually tapers, and the encirclement in which they are located. While the jihadists there is no possibility to get reinforcements from other districts. Government troops in full control of more than 65% of the city and its centre. Province Of Aleppo. Successful attack by government forces in Bani Zeid, where the CAA was able to beat the "moderate" rebels from their positions. This allowed us to capture the stock of us weapons. Among the trophies of the Syrian soldiers were grenades, anti-tank missiles of TOW-2, mortars, artillery, ammunition and other military equipment. Nice for Syrians reports come from other parts of the province of Aleppo. It is reported that more than 75 families were evacuated from the besieged militants of the Islamic State in Eastern parts of the city in government-controlled Western areas. Most retired people had to be controlled by the terrorists "Free Syrian army" territories of Bani Zeid. It is expected that in the hours that followed, the number released will increase. Province Of Latakia. This morning the Syrian army with the support of the brigade "Desert Falcons" moved to the next stage of the offensive in the North-East of Latakia. Its aim is to capture the headquarters of the jihadists in Canzibe. To date, army units Syria failed to release insurgents from several villages, including the town of Shellif. Thanks to Russian peacekeeping assistance, the next batch of food was delivered to the inhabitants of the Syrian Arab Republic in the province of Latakia. Basically, it is the poor families living in the village of Bog-Islam. Located in a very difficult position people received six tons of humanitarian aid, which includes rice, flour, canned meat and fish. Province Of Hama. Thanks to the joint efforts of the Syrian army and militias have been cleared of militants of the Islamic State hills in the vicinity of the village of tel al-Here. Under the control of the terrorists of the hill allowed ISIS to control all settlements located around the desert of al-Badia. After completing the first phase of a large-scale offensive, Assad's army has devoted its energies to the areas through which the pipeline runs. Along with ground forces of the active part in the defeat of terrorist groups takes military aircraft of Syria. She continues to inflict strikes on the positions of militants of the Islamic State in al-Glutamine, Morace and the village Sheikh, literally wiping terrorists off the face of the earth. The Province Of As-Suwayda. And in this province, the Syrian Arab army continues full-scale offensive on the positions of the detachments of the terrorists of the Islamic State. The main purpose of passing attack will be the headquarters and camps of militants, located in the Western part of al-Rasiah. For the first few hours of the offensive has already achieved some success. In particular, the militants suffered losses in manpower. It was destroyed several units of military equipment of terrorists. In the North-Eastern province of as-Suwayda, near the village of al-Kassar, the militants of the terrorist groups were again ambushed. Big long column of jihadists of the Islamic State were heading to the base camp of militants. EN route, the convoy came under heavy artillery fire by government forces. The result of this ambush battle was the complete destruction of military equipment of the enemy and a significant number of extremists. Province of Deir ez-Zor. By the military observers, the terrorist forces of the terrorist organization Islamic State is defeated on the fronts of battle throughout Syria. Was no exception and Deir-ez-Zor. The Syrian air force unleashed all his anger and hatred against the militants in different areas of the province. Thanks to the power of the aviation impacts of the terrorist groups lose all their power and means, who were preparing to attack on the positions of ATS in the villages of al-Zamli and al-Jafr. The Province Of Dara'a. Government CAA sent part of his forces for the seizure of the road that connects the southern and Central parts of the province and the Eastern edge of the desert, es-Sweida. The Syrian military attacked the terrorists ' positions Northwest of al-Karak, in the vicinity of the post office and the mosque of al-Khalil, where the militants were smuggling weapons. At the end of the fight, it appeared that the militants suffered serious losses, and a new batch of weapons and ammunition were never delivered to the city. *Banned in Russia as a terrorist organization

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