Two times the same mistake: Kiev throws in the ATO new nationalist battalions

Kiev brings to the frontline of new platoons of the nationalist battalions.

2016-07-31 14:09:29 34

battalionarea settlementnationalist battalionsnew platoonnew platoon nationalistplatoon nationalist

Luhansk, July 31 — the Ukrainian military command leads to the contact line of a new platoon of nationalist volunteer battalions. About this informed the official representative of the people's militia self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic Andrey Marochko. According to him, in the area of the settlement Happiness there arrived three hundred soldiers dressed in black uniforms with the word "North". It is reported that the battalion arrived from Chernihiv, and it is composed of members of the nationalist movement "Russian Maidan". According to reports of the national police, in the area of the settlement of the coast was revealed the deployment of five units BMP with troops, the total number of which amounts to 40 people. The situation in the zone of responsibility of Hm LC remains tense, however, Marochko sure that the country is ready, if necessary, to repel any attack of the Ukrainian military.

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