The guarantor of the world: Russia will not allow the realization of "crazy ideas" of foreign politicians

Russia has declared its readiness to act recklessly foreign politicians.

2016-07-31 14:20:54 44

politicianour borders guarantor securityrepeat threaten anyonesaid thatcrazy ideaforeign politicians

Severomorsk (Murmansk oblast), 31 July — Speaker of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin during the celebration of Day of the Navy said that Russia is ready to cooperate in the security sphere with other States. The politician said that in case of implementation in respect of the Russian Federation inadequate ideas separate foreign colleagues – the response will follow immediately. "Russia does not threaten anyone — I repeat, does not threaten anyone and is ready to cooperate with all countries to strengthen European and global security. But if in the minds, in the minds of patients of the politicians of any one country or group of countries suddenly have an evil and a crazy idea known character and attempts will be made to realize this idea, Russia's response will be fair, immediate and decisive", said the Russian politician. The speaker of the state Duma said that the Northern fleet has now all resources to ensure the safety of the Northern sea route: "It is the guarantor of the security of our borders, the guarantor of the security of the Northern sea route. Northern fleet is one of the main factors to ensure nuclear parity, and hence peace in the world."

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