The airships back in the army

In the world's leading armies, there is a trend back to the use of airships.

2016-07-31 14:26:58 25

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The era of active use of airships for military purposes occurred in the period between the First and Second world wars, and then they began to displace the aircraft. However, now the world's leading armies, there is a trend back to the airships. By the end of 2018, the Russian army expects to start flight tests of military versions of the airship "Atlant", which will be presented in two versions capacity. Application possibilities of these airships in the interests of the army is invaluable. Atlant-30" and "Atlant-100, with capacity of 16 and 60 tons respectively, will be able to deliver cargo at a distance of 2 thousand kilometers, moving at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. Both devices are capable of vertical takeoff and landing from unprepared sites and the water surface. As for exploitation, the developers of "Atlant-30" and "Atlant-100" will fit them to flight in all climatic zones. The crew of both aircraft will not exceed three people, which greatly helps to save human resource. In may on the development of the airship scout said of the European aerospace company Thales Alenia Space. Her brainchild — a giant unmanned airship solar powered Stratobus plan to use for intelligence, surveillance, and communications. According to company representatives, the device will be able to years hang at a height of 20 kilometers without the need for ground service.

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