From hero to "disgrace the nation": Savchenko - a new feature for caustic ridicule

The Ukrainians spoke about the hero of Ukraine Savchenko.

2016-07-31 14:31:38 34

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Kiev, July 31 — once again, former pilot, now a Square MP, Nadiya Savchenko was subjected to harsh criticism in the address. This time the Deputy of the "lowered" the known Ukrainian TV presenter Sergey Poyarkov, who said that Savchenko is a disgrace to the country for its "stupid" statements, and the title of hero she got for what is spent in Russia." "I hate that Savchenko foolishly considers himself as a presidential candidate. What did you do for this? Heroically served?", - indignantly said Poyarkov in the Ukrainian TV channel. Further, the broadcaster all over the country began to insult the mountain-the people's Deputy, called it "the shame of the nation", was accused of incompetence and "political stupidity". "You do not know how, except to talk the language! This smoky void!", – summed up Sergey Poyarkov. In recent time criticism in the direction of Nadiya Savchenko is a common occurrence. Has not passed also half a year as everyone's favorite hero of Ukraine Savchenko became the object of harsh ridicule. Whatever may be said of the MP, it all turns against her. Today sympathetic Savchenko is still nowhere: neither in Kiev, nor in Russia or in the Donbass.

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