Funny Ukraine: "world referendum" should be banned Russian interplanetary flights

The issue I want to bring to the "world referendum".

2016-07-31 14:36:38 39

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Kiev, July 31 — Another petition on the official website of the Ukrainian President envisages a ban on space flights of Russian spacecraft. The author believes that such actions of the Russians should be taken under arrest and to judge. In his opinion, this question must be put to "world referendum". "To hold a world referendum to ban inter-planetary flight crews of Russia and the EVAs. The results of the referendum to ban the Russian Federation program for the development and study of Mars and the moon. Another issue to consider is the ban of the Russian Federation the use of interplanetary probes," insists the author. "In case of violation of the Russian Federation the results of the referendum to arrest and punishment by court", — said the initiator. Definitely, the young man is very talented and far-sighted, as at present, interplanetary flights — rather, it is science fiction.

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