Psychic and clairvoyant present day Russia would become "the sun", which will be pulled the whole world

A key role is played by the Russian Federation. A key role is played by the Russian Federation.

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The novel is Part — psychic and clairvoyant of our time, which is confident in their abilities after the events in Crimea, told about the events of the first half of the XXI century. According to him, the key role they will play Russian Federation, which will change and along with change the world. Roles, which are distributed to all countries and unions: Europe Beginning of the destruction of 17-21 years. Supports the authorities in Central and Western Ukraine to 17, With 17-year forced to cooperate with Russia. At the end of the 19th Baltic goes into the zone of Russian influence. 21 years gone the Balkans under Russian influence. 26, Germany and Poland join the New economic community led by Russia. Russia Since August 14th the year goes sharply on the rise and in future will lead a Confederation of States of the new world order. New political and economic Union will be based on mutual respect of all members of the Alliance and mutually beneficial cooperation. Eventually spread to much of Eurasia, Africa, South and Central America. China The country will support Russia in all endeavors and will seek to unite the economies. Leadership in the external arena will give Russia, while maintaining their individuality. Russia will maintain a positive but cautious attitude. Central Ukraine Until the 17th) will be in Alliance with Western Ukraine and Europe. The time of troubles, the establishment of relations with the European Union. 17-year leaves under the protectorate of Russia. Western Ukraine Until the 17th) will be in Alliance with the Central Ukraine. With a 17-year more is an independent education. From the 19th year start of ethnic cleansing, and is civil war. The war ends in the 20th year and will stay the tension up to 21 years. Especially empathizes with and seeks to help Western Ukraine, the former South and East of Ukraine, especially Kharkov. A huge impact on the world in this region will have a new leader of Russia. His peaceful influence will be of a passionate superconscious nature. 19-21 years, Western Ukraine and the Baltic States will go under Russia's influence. Global events in the years: 2021. — Active economic cooperation with Scandinavian countries and Russia. 2022. — Active economic cooperation with Russia, Central America. 2026 — humanity will enter into Space Coalition.

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