The state Fund of shared construction will collect up to 25 billion per year

In 2017 will begin the replenishment of the state Fund of shared construction.

2016-07-31 16:14:55 28

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Moscow, July 31 — As reported by the Minister of construction and housing of Russia Mikhail Men, 2017 will replenish the state compensation Fund of shared construction. According to forecasts, the Fund will be able to collect from 15 to 25 billion rubles a year As explained by Men, contributions to the Fund will be made on the same principle, which was in force when working with the "Agency for deposits insurance" (ASV). State compensation Fund it is planned to replace the insurance companies that operate in the market of participatory construction contracts. Thus, the developers will transfer the deductions to insurance companies and to the state Fund. The amount of the deductions will remain the same — 1% of the contract amount. The Minister also noted that the cost per square meter innovation will not change.

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