How to choose a car DVR. What to look for when buying a DVR

He is an impartial witness and a locking mechanism in the traffic while driving and Parking, and more — compelling argument in favor of your innocence and of innocence.

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What is DVR

DVR is a video surveillance system that captures events occurring within its visibility. The video stream generated by video camera, using image sensor and processor are converted to digital signals which software is compressed and written to a flash drive.

Resolution and frame rate

The range of values resolution the DVR is quite wide: from 320x240 pixels up to 1440х1080. Resolution (quality) of the picture depends on the size of the matrix, the most popular videoregistrator the following resolution: 640x480, 1280x720 (HD) and 1920x1080 (Full HD) pixels. Naturally, the higher the resolution the Registrar, the clearer and with a lot of small details will be captured video. If the device need only to fix the route traversed by the vehicle, it will be enough logger with a resolution of 640x480 pixels, if the device will be installed on a private car, the resolution must be 1280x720 pixels, and even better to have a picture in Full HD (1920x1080), so you can consider the various small parts, for example, a car moving 10 meters ahead of you. There are models of DVRs, it is positioned as the device with a resolution of 1280x720, but actually removing it with clarity 640x480, and then use interpolation "stretching", and extending it vertically and horizontally. The picture that Registrar will be fuzzy and blurred and hardly when watching recorded video you will be able to consider the room in front of the car. The frame rate affects the image quality, but not a significant parameter, and, depending on the model of the device can vary from 30 fps to 50 or more. In most recorders this value is 30 frames/sec.


LCD display which reproduces the image recorded by the Registrar, is an important part of the device, because it allows you to adjust the shooting angle of the camera before fixation and later view the footage. The display is optional, if the vehicle is equipped with a multimedia system with screen. If there is no such system information of the DVR can be viewed only by connecting it to your computer.

GPS receiver

Useful device on the Registrar. Will help you plan a route, will warn the driver about approach road safety cameras for speed and measured vehicle speed superimposed on a video image. However, the latter function should be the ability to disable the speed control, since moving within the city at a speed of 65-70 km/h in areas where the slower drive is simply unrealistic, he will bore you with the warnings about speeding and fix it is a violation of traffic rules in the video.


Triggered by impacts, sudden accelerations, the decelerations of the movement or overturning of the vehicle. Moreover, the videos recorded in extreme situations, stored on the memory card in a separate folder and not overwritten with new when overfilled.

memory Card

No doubt, the flash memory capacity is an important parameter, the greater will be the size of the map, the more information is stored in the memory of the DVR to how old the video files will begin to wipe more fresh. You should pay attention to the class memory cards. The higher it is, the less will be the duration of the pause between the end of recording one of video and start fixing the other. The duration of the pause memory cards of different classes varies from one to several seconds. And since traffic in heavy traffic in a matter of seconds can change dramatically, reliability and efficiency of the Registrar will be higher, the smaller will be the value of the pause between cycles fixation. It is best to opt for memory cards class 10.

Built-in microphone

Useful option, designed for recording not only unprintable expressions of the movement in emergency situations, but also allows you to record the conversation with the inspector DPS in the event of dispute or conflict situations.

a Disturbing connectors

If the logger alarm connectors, it connects to the detectors, door and car alarms. In the event of unauthorized penetration into the interior of the vehicle and the alarm, it will automatically start recording unit, recording in the memory of all illegal actions.We wish that in the memory of your DVR recorded not piles of twisted metal, which develop during a crash brand new cars sparkling and not dull and fruitless arguments with the inspectors of road patrol service, and ravishingly beautiful landscapes, stretching to the left and right side of the road! Good luck to you!

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