In Omsk the man beat his friend with a tire iron

The incident occurred on the 4th Chelyuskinskaya street.

2016-07-31 16:41:19 45

omskincident occurredtire iron

Omsk, July 31 — the Incident occurred today in the Central district of the city of Omsk. One of the companions came to another house, and they began to drink alcohol. Then the fellowship grew into a verbal argument, resulting in a 30-year-old omich struck his friend several times in the chest with a tire iron. 24-year-old man was immediately hospitalized. Upon examination, the doctors diagnosed the victim badly bruised chest. At the moment the suspect is detained. In respect of Omsk initiated a criminal case under article "Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health". To the man threatens till 8 years of imprisonment.

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