The "sleeping healer": a remarkable story about the burden of Edgar Cayce

Casey did not seek to accept their fate. Casey did not seek to accept their fate.

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Edgar Cayce the famous American psychic known as the "sleeping healer". The nickname he was not just Casey was healing recipes, seen the real future and the motives of past events during sleep. For example, the assassination of President Kennedy and the start date and the end of the Second world war, he predicted it in a dream. Casey was born March 18, 1877. From birth he was a typical boy, who did not differ from their peers. But one day, when little Edgar played baseball in the backyard of the school, the ball hit him straight in the head. His behavior changed dramatically, though the child in time has changed: the boy immediately began waving his arms, to build the curves of faces and silly giggle that looked extremely abnormal and even frightening. Arriving home, Edgar took from the stove a pan that was prepared coffee beans, and began to scatter the grain in the yard. When the mother asked him why he does it, the boy replied that sows coffee. Mother and father barely managed to put the excited child to bed. Visit the doctor decided to postpone until the morning. However, once the boy had covered her with a blanket, he didn't open his eyes, demanded to put him on the back of the poultice. Edgar assured the parents that if they do not comply with the request, then in the morning his mind would stay and nuggets. The mother immediately made him a poultice of cornmeal and herbs, and the next morning the boy woke up completely healthy. However, what happened to him after the fatal blow from a ball in the head, he absolutely didn't remember anything. The amazing story of Edgar unexpectedly received wide publicity, and soon the child realized that his calling is to heal, not only ourselves, but others. About the miraculous recipes he learned in a dream, or rather, unusual for a human condition, very close to trance. So began one of the most unusual stories in world medicine. It is known that at first Casey didn't seek to accept their fate. "Initially, he flatly refused to treat people this way, because he could not control what was said during the hypnotic sleep. But the most interesting thing is that while he is out of hypnotic sleep, did not believe that he could say such words, names of medicines and herbs, as they did not know. But, nevertheless, all that was said by Edgar Cayce: predictions, recipes, descriptions of diseases were valid and helped people in their pain. Every day about a healer knew more people from all over the world, and they were in a hurry to visit Edgar. Soothsayer and healer didn't take the money and even gifts, he helped people absolutely free," — say the historians. Soon about Edgar already knew all of America, but he did not use his position. Being educated, he earned a living with photography, which is also considered her calling. However, to ignore coming from all over the country patients is Casey couldn't ignore. In his life Edgar Cayce was more than 14 thousand of diagnoses and recipes that always helped people. That's just where they were taken, Casey had no idea. Gradually, Casey began to receive patients not only from America, but from abroad. During the reception, Edgar led a conversation not only about the illness of the patient, but about his past, present and even future. The "sleeping healer" believed in reincarnation and believed that often diseases occur due to wrong human actions in their past lives. In the trance state, Edgar not only treated, but predicted. So, he predicted the vast majority of all natural disasters between 1958 and 1998. In particular, in 1964 the Alaskan earthquake, the 1960 and 1971 eruption of mount Etna. He predicted the market panic of 1929 that triggered the Great depression, called the beginning and the end of the Second World war, including the beginning of the battle of Kursk. He predicted the independence of India, the creation of Israel, assassination of President Kennedy, the collapse of communism and the end of the Cold war. Edgar Cayce was involved in clairvoyance and healing for over 20 years and died in 1945.

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