Protesters in Yerevan released Baghramyan Avenue

On the morning of the protest may be continued. On the morning of the protest may be continued.

2016-07-31 04:20:15 90

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In Yerevan, the opposition stopped blocking the Marshal Baghramyan Avenue. Earlier on the Avenue held a rally on occasion of capture of a building of a regiment Patrol-Sentry duty (PPS) the armed people. According to TASS, the organizers of the protest could not make the decision whether or not to divert to the captured regiment of police, to remain in Baghramyan Avenue or diverge. The opposition helped define began pouring rain. On the morning of the protest should be continued. At the moment the traffic is again resumed. Police during the rally demanded to release the roadway, to stop illegal actions and not to restrict the freedom of other citizens. Otherwise, the police threatened to take action lawfully.

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