How to choose a car. With what gearbox to choose a car

The debate about which transmission is better: manual or auto, underway since the invention of the latter. Let us consider their advantages and disadvantages.

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The debate about which transmission is better: manual or automatic, underway since the invention of the latter. Let us consider their advantages and disadvantages.


The cost of automatic gearbox is significantly higher than its mechanical cousin. This is due to its more complex design. If simplified mechanics consists of two shafts mounted on them gears, in the case of the machine have a whole system of gears, with a separate multi-plate clutch for each gear, plus electronic control system. In servicing the machine is also more expensive than mechanics. The oil for the auto box more expensive, because it performs not only the function of lubrication and transmission of torque. Yes and it can be changed much more often than oil for manual boxes. As for repairs, here again, the machine will cost more mechanics, though in the case of serious damage or repair, the cost of repairs for both types of transmissions will be approximately equal.


In terms of the reliability of indicators of both types of transmissions are approximately equal. In mechanics, the number of parts less than automatics, hence the probability of failure of one of them below. On the other hand, automatic transmissions are very few parts subject to active wear, while the manual gearbox is much higher.

Dynamics of acceleration and efficiency

To accelerate a car with a manual will be faster due to the faster gear changes in manual mode, although the recent development of automotive designers increased the time required to transition to the next gear in hundredths of a second. Efficiency automation lower than mechanics, and therefore the fuel consumption will be higher. But this applies only to city riding conditions with constant accelerations, decelerations and their accompanying gear changes. In conditions of driving on a motorway and efficiency, and fuel consumption of both boxes are the same.

Road conditions

The automatic box is an absolute favorite in the city, relieving the driver from having to continuously switch from one gear to another, with its accompanying constant work of adhesion. And after a grueling kilometer traffic jams the machine simply saves the driver from the endless and monotonous manipulation of the gearshift lever and clutch pedal. However, in difficult road conditions when driving through mud, deep snow or snow drifts with a car-automatic transmission is helpless, of course, if it is not fitted auxiliary system allowing slippage. To go from "road traps", using "rocking" (toggles between on first and reverse gear), he also can not. To start with the tug or "the pusher" machine with automatic also fail. But the car with the mechanics in the conditions of bad roads is able to show the wonders of maneuverability, using various modes of engine, clutch and gearbox.

Summing up

If the majority of the time your car spends on country roads, off-road, and you are a professional driver, racing driver or just enjoy driving fast and extreme, manual transmission will satisfy all your needs and requirements. If you've been a victim of urbanization, spend hours idling in traffic, with asphalt primer almost not moving, love to drive smoothly and steadily, your choice is automatic transmission. Regardless of the mechanics or machine stand in your car, may she serve you faithfully! Good roads and safe riding!

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