How to check the serviceability of the shock absorbers. Self-diagnostics of shock-absorbers

These subtle and almost invisible under the body of the device make the drive not only comfortable, they determine your safety, health and life.

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Carefully look at the appearance of the shock absorber. If the casing of this device with the naked eye visible traces of leaks of oil, this indicates tightness of his cell due to wear or damage of sealing elements, for example, oil seals. Consequently, the damping properties of such devices will be either below normal or even will be missing. Even a slight deformation of the shock body can lead to obstruction stroke or a complete halt due to the jamming. The fasteners of this damping device should not be broken or corroded and the rubber pads and bushings in the lower hinge shall be complete, with no visible signs of destruction. The shock-absorber rod should sparkle perfectly mirrored surface. If it is not, therefore, the stroke of this device is completely absent, and the attenuator is not fulfilling its function of damping and suspension of the body. In many cases, indicators of technical condition of shock absorbers are the tires. Excessive wear can indicate a problem with sinking devices.

Check shot shock absorber

Removed the shock absorber should be placed vertically and fixed bottom bracket up a few times to stretch, and then lower down the stem. The defective shock absorber resistance force to movement of the rod up should be many times greater the resistance to movement of the rod down. Simply put: down the stem should fall relatively easily, and climb up – with considerable effort. If the stock moves equally easily in all directions, then the fluid in the cylinder of the shock absorber very little or it is not there at all. The decrease in the resistance movements of the rod in its positions close to the extreme, will eloquently testify to the presence of air in the working cylinder of the shock absorber.

Inspection end shock absorbers

You can check the status of car shock absorbers, swing the front and then back. A car with faulty shock absorbers will make more than one stroke of a swing, in the case of a stuck rack shock-absorbing device to shake the car will fail at all. But this method of checking is not always able to correctly assess the condition of the damping devices. This applies to cars with new types of suspensions.

Rating of the shock absorbers on the character of motion of vehicle

If during braking of the vehicle, on bends, on wet and slippery roads or under the influence of a strong side wind machine constantly swinging from side to side, and on motion the wheel reacts reluctantly and with delay, the main conclusion is that the shock absorbers it is time to change. Do not neglect the control of technical condition of shock absorbers of your car throughout its life. You know – the car with faulty shock absorbers becomes difficult to manage, under braking its brake way considerably increases, and maneuvering can lead to sway and roll, if not over the rollover.

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