How to make a noise isolation of salon of the car with their hands

In high background noise inside the car pleasant enough. Besides the fact that excessive noise causes discomfort and tires, it also inhibits the psyche.

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In high background noise inside the car pleasant enough. Besides the fact that excessive noise causes discomfort and tiring, it also inhibits the psyche.

Types of noise and ways of their neutralization

Constant noise in the car basically created the sounds of the engine, transmission, suspension and tires. Impulse noise is composed of various clicks, knocks and squeaks resulting from changing operating conditions of the engine and the passage of the inhomogeneous sections of pavement. Periodic noise – the noise from the working passenger compartment heater, vent or air conditioner. To spread the noise through the air from the source of noise to the auditory receptors of a person and in the form of vibration through the components and parts of the body. To neutralize airborne noise use mainly sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing materials – porous structures in which a sound absorption occurs due to the repeated passage of sound waves through the boundary of air with the material and back. Isoton, Accent, Barrier, SPLEN, Vibroton, Madeline and Bitoplast — the most well-known representatives of the family sound-proof and sound-absorbing materials. With vibrations handle perfectly absorptive materials constituting the bitumen and mastic composition based on aluminum foil or paper and fabric coverings. It is due to the internal friction of the components of vibration damping materials and vibration dampening. As an example of such materials can lead Vibroplast, Bimast, Vizomat PB and Vizomat MP.

Treatment of sex in the cabin

The presence on the floor of the factory carpet decent thickness does not guarantee an excellent sound insulation. Therefore, the remove it and get to work. Cut from sheet isolator detail the required size and configuration, its a bit heated and, without removing the protective film from the adhesive side, attach the pre-cut segment of the shape and form of a surface element of the bottom. Then remove the protective coating and sticking of the formed "patch" of the absorber to the desired location. Using such "patches" the surface of the floor of the cabin. It is not necessary to strive for the processing of all 100% of the area of the bottom that will fit and coverage in 70-80% of the surface. But sound-absorbing material, which will be glued on top of the absorber, it is desirable to cover the entire surface of the floor.

Partition of the engine compartment

Implementation of sound insulation of partitions the engine compartment is very similar to the processing floor: first critical places pasted over partitions of the absorber,without necessarily providing the covering of the entire surface, and then 100% of the surface of the partition cover engine compartment sound absorber.

door Soundproofing

After removing door trim, pasted over the outer panel of the door first vibration, then sound-absorbing material. The holes in the door frame to seal the absorber, just remember to make holes for rods and cables. Turn to the door trim, the inner part of which is pasted over the first absorber (critical areas), and then the sound absorber (100% surface).

Treatment of the ceiling and the trunk

Processing of noise insulation materials of the boot and the ceiling is made in the same manner as the processing floor. Important: do not tape the vibration and sound absorbers vents! Otherwise, failure to comply with this condition, it can occur that condensation on the metal parts of the cabin and fogging. So, seemingly complex and intractable, the problem of soundproofing the car has been reduced to serial execution relatively simple, requires accuracy and diligence of operations for the sticker shock-absorbing materials on the inner surface of the body of the car. Let you will succeed!

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