How to wash the car. Learn to wash your car

To the car after hand wash was sparkling clean, and not shyly gleamed through the murky soap stains, you need to be able to wash.

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Where and when to wash

Wash the car in warm weather or at least when the ambient temperature a few degrees above zero. If the sky is full of sunshine, a car wash is recommended to be placed in the shade, because even small drops of water on the surface of the machine, acting as a natural lens, can damage paintwork. If the temperature is below zero, do not try to use for washing the car warm and hot water, as paint and varnish that cover the body, really do not like large fluctuations in temperature. When washing the machine with cold water, it will freeze over on the glass and body long before you have time to wipe it off. In addition, water trapped in the door seals and into the mechanisms of locks, freezes, creating a rather noticeable difficulties in the foreseeable future when you open these doors. Alternatively, you can use for car wash in winter liquid washer glasses, slightly diluted with water. The alcohol included in the composition of the liquid will not allow it to freeze. Your task will be to thoroughly wipe dry the surface of the body.

Clean interior

The first thing to do when conducting General cleaning in the cabin – remove the floor mats and remove the covers from the seats (if any), to shake out, vacuum and wash them. Next, a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle we select all the sand and other debris from the most inaccessible places and cracks, and then sucked into the inside of the electrical assistant accumulated since the last cleaning the dust on the entire surface of the cabin. Have to blow-dry the front and rear panels, veneer interior and seat covers. You can use a special tool for the care of the salon, and you can cook it themselves. For this you need to mix equal proportions of alcohol and water. Get the same factory fluid, except for flavorings. Apply the prepared or bought by the fluid on the panel and other needy in the rubbing parts of the cabin, and then a microfibre cloth to wipe them. Fixed on the front panel of the air freshener. In the salon!

My vehicle

Profusely the car with water and then clean, without a single grain of sand, sponge my rough the surface of the body, washing off the bulk of dirt. The sponge should be wet in clean water and nearly not pressing it, lightly go over the entire surface of the machine, from top to bottom. Very well, if there is a good opportunity to douse the body with water from the hose under pressure. In the bucket of water dissolve the right amount of shampoo. The temperature of the water, as you guessed, should be close to ambient temperature. Carefully raskruchivaem water with shampoo before the formation of rich suds and a sponge apply foam to the entire surface of the body. Liberally wetted the sponge in the water and, without wringing it out, washed off the foam from the body starting from the roof and gradually falling down. You can wash the foam from the surface of the car body by a jet of water under pressure. To avoid streaks and spots wipe freshly washed body rubberized cloth, or cloth made of thin faux suede. Left wash using a detergent glass with inner and outer sides. That's it — the car is washed. This procedure takes from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on your diligence and the degree of contamination of the car. Unlikely to wash your car wash with such love and diligence. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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