How to perform parallel Parking in reverse

Parallel Parking in reverse – often the only opportunity to squeeze your car into small piece of free space in the Parking lot.

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What good parallel Parking in reverse

Since the movement radius of the rear wheels is always smaller than the radius of movement of the front (rear wheels as if "cut off" turn), and maneuverability of the moving back of the car far exceeds the maneuverability of this machine, performing maneuvers moving forward. Given the above, very useful and interesting is the parallel Parking maneuver in reverse, allowing you to occupy a free Parking space with high accuracy. When reversing there is a risk to hurt the body standing next to the car. But afraid to maneuver in reverse is not necessary. A complete understanding of all the stages of this type of Parking and a few times doing it for training purposes with the use of pegs and racks, simulating standing next to the car, you will produce the sequence of movements to provide a rapid, accurate and precise Parking the car in reverse.

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Stop on the left next to the car, in front of which there is a Parking space and where we planned to Park in reverse your car. Includes a reverse gear and move straight back up until the rear wheel of our car will not be in line with the bumper standing to the right of the machine. Turn the steering wheel fully to the right and continue reversing. Carefully look at the left side mirror. Once in it seems the right light standing behind the car, stop. Align the wheels straight and move back. When the angle of the right wing of our car will be on the same line with the rear bumper of the front car, stop. Wrenching the wheel to the left and move to the back of the transfer until such time as our car will not be parallel to the edge of the carriageway. After passing a little forward, have our car about the same distance from other cars. In case, if we tried to Park at the same place, using the Parking a forward course we either would hurt the body standing behind the car, or would Parking partially and the backside of the machine, not pomestilas in the Parking lot, would be left protruding into the roadway. We wish you to reverse Parking in a limited area does not cause you problems and difficulties, and was carried out easily, quickly and without unpleasant surprises! Let you will succeed!

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