How to drive a car in the rain. Rules of driving in rainy weather

Driving in the rain is always fraught with additional difficulties. About how to overcome them, making machine operation secure and will continue it.

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When in the rain you are driving a car, you play and worsened the condition of the roadway, and reduce the maneuverability of the vehicle, and its trudnoperevarimoy, and, finally, a limited review in the company of disgusting visibility.

In the first few minutes of rain

This, perhaps, would like to remind you, in order to preserve the health and lives of you and your passengers, we will remind about this and we. In the first minutes after the beginning of rain asphalt in the roadway is more reminiscent of the slippery surface of the ice rink. Sand, dust and tiny particles of debris, slightly wet from the first drops of rain, be like a lubricant, reducing the tire grip on virtually no. Therefore, if possible and time permits, carefully pull over to the stop and wait awhile until the jets of water will wash the road surface that is slippery emulsion. If you decide to continue driving, reduce your speed to a minimum and move, avoiding sudden steering movements and actively work the brake pedal. And in the first few minutes of rain, before to turn on the windscreen wipers, use of windscreen washer thoroughly moisten the windshield. Otherwise, as soon as the wiper start moving on the glass, dust and dirt accumulated on a windshield will turn into a dirty mess, depriving you of the review for a few precious seconds.

avoid traffic "on the tail"

Pretty sweat, even experienced drivers, makes a forced motion of the car in front or, as expressed by drivers with experience, "on the tail". Especially evident all the inconveniences of such a drive, if the front is riding a truck with impressive dimensions. In addition, he closes the review, worsening the already poor visibility, it also reserves the water-mud cloud, which represents an emulsion of fine particles of water, dirt and air. This cloud will alway slap your windshield, covering it it with a layer of water and dirt, so the best thing to do in this situation is by choosing a favourable traffic situation, evil to overtake a truck or the time to slow down, thereby increasing the distance between them and their car.

go around large puddles

If possible, avoid the puddles of impressive dimensions. In addition to hidden under a layer of water deep pits, puddles such dangerous potentially possible within them open sewer manholes, rocks, impassable mud and other troubles in the form of a totally inappropriate prying, but no less dangerous, objects. If you drive around the puddle is not possible, slow down by tapping the brake pedal, just before the puddle, release the brake pedal and go to the lowest (best first) gear. And no need to change gear at slightly higher engine speeds to overcome the water obstacle. Never enter into a puddle, however small, at great speed. It is dangerous that the effect of aquaplaning, when not in time vytesnit the treads of the wheels a layer of water between the road and tires will lead to a complete loss of control over the operation of the machine.

avoid wet roadsides

Wet roadside with a layer of soil ruskiego – one of the dangers of drivers on the road in the rain. Avoid riding on slippery shoulders, but if you pull over had smoothly and avoiding sharp turns the wheel and taps on the brake pedal to get the car to the curb and to clear the tire treads from the jammed with dirt, proceed through the low speed of a shallow puddle, or on a road section with smooth and clean coating.

Use lighting

While driving in the rain it is necessary to turn on the lights. But in any case not in the high beam – this beam of light will simply reflect off the rain drops and dazzle the driver. The most suitable lighting regime will be the use of fog lamps. If the rain is so dense that visibility is almost zero, it is better to stop moving and wait out the torrential downpour, do not forget to activate the emergency alarm.Despite the apparent complexity, to drive in the relentless rain not so hard that you are unable to master the skills of safe driving on wet and slippery roads. The main thing – do not scorch, to correctly calculate the speed of the movement, not distracted from the road and to be careful. Good luck to you!

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