How to get to the curb. Safe overcoming of the curb or edge

The incorrect check in on the curb damage may occur as tires and disks, wheels and the underbody, sump, bumper, mudguards and even the car's suspension.

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The incorrect check in on the curb may cause damage to both the tires and rims, and underbody, sump, bumper, mudguards and even the car's suspension. The kerbs stone are used in road construction to separate the roadway from the sidewalk. And although the rules of the road Parking and movement of vehicles on sidewalks is strictly prohibited, sometimes there are situations and circumstances in which a "storm" of the curb or edge simply will not do. Divide the borders into 2 types: high and low. High curbs will carry traffic engineering elements, the height of which exceeds the clearance between the road surface and front bumper of the car. Low curbs are all the rest, namely, the height of which is less than the distance between the front bumper and the road.

Check in on low kerb

Moving away from the curb about half a metre (or more), turns the wheel to the right so that the car changed direction and was situated to the curb at the angle of 450. Aligning the wheel, we continue to move in the direction of the curb. After getting the car close to the curb, turn down the speed to the minimum required for entrance to his front right wheel. Maintaining the same mode of movement, I stop on the curb with the front left wheel. Next — turn the right rear wheel. After three wheels of the vehicle have overcome an obstacle in the form of curb or edge, you can turn the wheel in the right direction, because the fourth wheel will roll onto the curb at any angle.

Overcoming high curb

Riding up parallel to the curb close, leaving an interval of about 20-30 cm, turns the wheel right until it stops. Slowly drive over the curb right front wheel. Due to the fact that the car is parallel to the pavement, the right wheel will move on the curb before the bumper, resulting in the bottom right of the front end of the machine is above the level of the curb, protect yourself from collisions with curbs. Wrenching the wheel back and continue to move forward at a slight angle to the sidewalk. Wait until the machine will climb up on the curb right rear wheel, twisting the wheel again to the right. Drove on the curb with the front left wheel, turns the wheel in need for further movement direction, since the machine can stop on the curb with the rear left wheel at any angle. The maneuver of arrival of the car at the curb is made. The exit kerb, as you may have guessed, must be performed in reverse order.Be careful! Stopping at the curb, take care of the safety of pedestrians moving along the sidewalk. Let you will succeed!

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