How to learn to drive a car in the city. Features of driving in an urban setting

To drive a car in the city, but still considerable, is much more difficult and dangerous than on the track or in a small village. Learning to drive a car in urban environments.

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Technical condition of the car

Most importantly – brakes. Their state depend not only your safety, health or life, think about your passengers and other road users. In the modern metropolis, with its hectic pace of life and an aggressive style of driving with defective brakes or pariprasnena far away you are unlikely to succeed. But on how accurately and reliably start the engine of your car will depend on how much time you spend standing under the traffic light in the middle of the intersection trying to start it. How many have to listen to the angry beeps of the audio signals and emotional expressions with verbal recommendations from other drivers, depends on which one attempts start a stalled engine. Unstable working lights can easily cause traffic accidents. Novice (beginner) driving a car with defective turn signals or stop lights such a mine of delayed action.

traffic rules and road signs

Traffic rules and road signs is not enough to know, their knowledge needs to be brought to the level of conscious reflex action, when, in order to disperse uncontrolled intersection, no need to push, remembering the rules of travel, and seeing the sign, for example limiting speed, foot reflex would be removed from the accelerator pedal. It is best to ride on any one route (e.g. home to work and back) as a passenger, peering at road signs and mentally reviewing in my head the list of the necessary response to the driver. Watch other road users by analyzing their activities and determining their compliance with the requirements of the SDA. Only after this "distance" and passive driving you can drive yourself, not being afraid to get lost among the dense flow of vehicles.

When to go to the beginner

Newbie with more Mature skills of driving in the city should make their first trips in the early morning hours, especially on weekends, when the density of traffic is still insignificant and no traffic jams. A good option can be considered and trips in the evening (or even night) the time when cars on the roads of the city a bit, but the morning of the study visit in natural lighting would be preferable.

How to behave behind the wheel

Start with a trip along the route that you have thoroughly studied as a passenger and confidently know where and how a series should take, where to turn, the requirements of any characters you'll need to do and what points of rules of the road to guide a particular maneuver. Take the right lane, without interfering with other traffic and moving at a low speed, to reach your final destination. Learn carefully the fact that "read" the traffic ahead of his vehicle and to anticipate the maneuvers ahead or oncoming vehicles. At traffic lights, despite allowing green light and the impatient beeping horns standing in the back of cars, do not start driving until then, until you are sure that all pedestrians are safely with the pedestrian crossing on the sidewalk. Be sure to give the opportunity to complete the maneuver to the drivers, the car which the red light took in the middle of the intersection. About the audio signals. Be prepared for the fact that the first time you will constantly be accompanied by car horns are not satisfied with the driving style of the drivers. Treat it philosophically, stay calm (at least try to do), be aware that this phenomenon is temporary. At first avoid complicated and intricate maneuvers, instead of one complex follow a few simple and clear to other participants of movement actions, alerting them in advance about lights.

In conclusion

Some tips in closing: watch out for landing and the correct position of hands on the steering wheel, to control the machine, use comfortable shoes, the transmission shift quickly and smoothly, while driving keep your distance to the car in front, when reversing be sure to include "emergency gang", but most importantly – don't worry, because the ability to move, to reverse and to Park one traffic to you necessarily will come, you need only your desire, time and regular practice. Good luck to you in the development of the streets!

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