How to wash a car engine. Washing the engine: the benefits and harms

In the operation of a vehicle, its engine inevitably to a greater or lesser extent contaminated. How to wash car engine and whether you want to do?

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to Wash or not to wash?

Opponents washing car engines will put up one, but a very powerful argument – during washing the engine water inevitably gets into electronic modules, which are stuffed with modern machine and not everyone of them this neighborhood's tastes. After washing the engine, some vehicles can not start, what are early warning signs on the walls of a car wash. Fans sink argument. Dirty your engine is overheating because the layer of oil, dust and dirt degrades the heat transfer, creating a kind of insulating layer. In a poorly protected wiring connectors slowly, but inevitably will accumulate dirt, which can easily cause a short circuit in the electronic system of the vehicle with the consequences of different severity: from a blown fuse to a burning car. On a clean surface of the engine much easier to detect oil leaks, process fluid and consequences of abnormal operating conditions of the engine. And the probability of spontaneous combustion of the engine due to ignition of leaked oil due to overheating of the collector or the breakthrough of the exhaust gas is high enough. In the end, a dirty engine is simply unaesthetic.

Where to wash

The best option is a specialized wash with the specialists, perfectly understanding the difference between washing the engine and bodywork. In addition, the administration service center should be responsible for the performance of the engine after washing. Washing the engine in the usual bathing establishments akin to a lottery: gets whether the engine after washing or not, does not know and does not guarantee anybody. Of course, in most cases, the motor starts properly, but there are sad exceptions in the form of a failed electronic system due to drops of water ingress into the electronic unit or on a poorly secured connector. Wash the engine and you can own in home garage conditions. Washing quality will be not much worse from a car wash, but all the process of getting rid of the engine from dirt will be under your control.

washing the engine in the car

The first thing the specialist cleaning using plastic film will protect against the ingress of elements of the system power supply, ignition and sensitive electronic modules. If the aggregates are important factory stickers, they must be protected from erosion, zakhaev tape or film. Next, on the surface of engine and all underhood space to apply car detergent, a pause is made between 3 to 15 minutes (depending on the number of vehicles in the queue), and then with warm water without excessive pressure washed off the foam from the motor, pulling all the dirt, oil and other minor troubles. Then must happen what washers to save time they often neglect – thorough drying compartment. Do not be shy, ask your specialist car wash compressed air to completely dry the engine and the space around it. Otherwise please contact the service center with a complaint of poor quality the sink.

My engine yourself

As in repair, protect all the sensitive electronics of the car with plastic wrap, wrapping her or crepe tape. The temperature of the car engine should be about 30-400 C. it is Not recommended washing, hot or cold engine. A cold engine is bad will be washed, on hot, in case of contact with cold water, can be formed microcracks. Diluted in warm (30-400 C), water special cleaning agent, raskruchivaem it before the formation of abundant foam. Should not be used for wash motor detergent. They can not cope with pollution, since it relies on the splitting of vegetable and animal fats. Next, after waiting the required time (specified in the instructions to the detergent), usually from 10 to 15 minutes, start washing off the foam. Do not water the engine with a water hose, copying of car wash with spray from the pressure washer in the hands, it will be enough of a sponge or cloth dampened with warm water. After the engine is cleaned to pristine condition, it must be dried, removing all protection from the plastic film and dry the hood with a vacuum cleaner operating in the blowing mode. No vacuum – no problem. Give the car the ability to stand with the hood open, providing care for drying the engine the sun and fresh breeze. Then it is advisable to give him 5 minutes at idle and everything in the way! You no nail, no wand!

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