How to choose battery for your vehicle. Choosing a car battery

The correct choice of car battery depends not only life, but also the reliability and dependability of electrical equipment of your machine.

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The correct choice of car battery depends not only the life but also reliability and dependability of electrical equipment of your machine.

battery Types

Maintenance free batteries have a sealed housing with the system of condensation of vapor of the electrolyte. In warm and especially in hot weather, the water entering into the composition of the electrolyte, unavoidably evaporates, but passing through the channel system condenses and accumulates as a liquid back into the electrolyte. Maintenance free batteries do not require topping up of distilled water and, in addition to the engine compartment, can be installed in the trunk of a car. Low-maintenance batteries have maintenance-free from the presence of the top cap fillers with plugs for topping up the water in the electrolyte as it evaporates. Dry-charged battery (without electrolyte) have a long shelf life due to the lack of flow of electrochemical reactions. They are ideal in cases where the battery is purchased in store. To bring these batteries to a working state just enough to leave an electrolyte.

battery Capacity

Many people mistakenly believe that the battery the more reliable, the more its capacity. This would be correct if the generator machine could produce unlimited amounts of electricity to charge the battery. However, each generator has a certain value of the charging current in the case of using high capacity batteries it simply will not fully charge. Choice of battery with a capacity smaller than nominal is also invalid because when the engine starts, especially in winter, will work overtime, and pretty quickly become worthless. The best option is the battery capacity specified in the technical passport of the car. Cars it is usually from 55 to 75 ampere-hours. If your iron horse is equipped with power Windows, air conditioning, powerful sound system, there is a sense in buying a battery with a capacity of 5-10 ampere-hours more of the nominal value.

Starting current

Power inrush current is measured in amps and as the battery capacity indicated on the battery casing. The higher it is, the more strength and faster the starter will turn the crankshaft of the engine when it starts. However, it is important not to overdo it, as too high inrush current can easily burn up the starter.

the Polarity and geometry of the body

From which side are the negative and positive electrodes of the battery will depend on whether the length of the wires connected to the battery. Another important parameter is the geometrical dimensions of the battery. When you install a new battery with non-standard dimensions may well happen that he simply will not fit in the allotted place for him.

What to check when buying

Mandatory when buying a battery, ask if it is functional using the load fork. This device, simulating the current drawn by the starter when starting the engine, measure the voltage drop at the battery terminals. Have a working charged battery for 10 seconds after supplying the load voltage on terminals should not be below the 10.2 V. After disconnecting the load the voltage outputted by battery, not needs to fall heavily and after a little period of time should recover to previous levels. Don't forget that in cold weather the battery discharges faster than in the summer, and the degree of its spread should not exceed 25% in winter and 50% in the summer.

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