How to call the garage in reverse. Parking rules using the reverse gear

Usually check in the garage reverse causes many, especially beginners, difficulty, and fear in the possibility of the manoeuvre. And it is in vain.

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Usually check in the garage in reverse causing many, especially beginners, difficulties and concerns in the possibility of the manoeuvre. And it is in vain.

How to move to Park

Many drives into the garage forward course, because they believe the performance of this maneuver on the back of the transfer complex and problematic. Exactly the same goes for most when there is a need to Park his car between two other cars, standing perpendicular to the road centerline. Stop by before maybe more convenient, here to leave the Parking lot or garage in reverse will not be so comfortable, especially if the road width is small and the space is limited by its size. Besides leaving the Parking lot backwards, the driver does not have the ability to visually monitor the situation on the part of the carriageway, where it will slowly back out. In the case of check-in or Parking backwards, on the front of the transmission will be fairly easy, even if the room for maneuver left nothing, besides the driver will have excellent visibility to ensure the safety of the manoeuvre.

Equipment of the race in the garage in reverse

Because both these maneuvers are completely identical, we consider the technique of the manoeuvre for example-in a garage in reverse, when the garage is to the right of the machine. If the garage is on the left, our recommendations should be implemented exactly the opposite. So, the car is perpendicular to the goal line, the garage is at the right hand of the driver. After 2-3 meters on the garage door, you need to stop. It is desirable that the distance between the machine and the continuation of the goal line was about the width of the car, though, as the acquisition of Parking skills, it can be reduced. Including reverse gear and slightly turning the wheel to the right, start moving in reverse, turning the trunk and head to the right, ensure that the vehicle towards the target. We continue to move until the rear bumper of the car reaches the goal line. Not reinsured, leaving between the right rear wing and the right wing of the gate. Your car will safely stop in the garage, if this distance is from 10 to 30 cm, and if too much of a indent right wing, it will be very difficult to squeeze the car narrow the target, without damaging the left side of the body. Further, slow speed or even stopping, gut-wrenching the wheel hard right. In this case the rear wheels will move toward the gate, and the front in an arc, turning the car. Withstand this situation until you are parallel to the side walls of the garage. Then align the front wheels and continue to drive into the garage, not forgetting that he, like every garage has a back wall, in front of which it is desirable to stop time by pressing on the brakes. The task is greatly simplified if the car is equipped with Parktronic. That's all. As you can see nothing daunting and impossible in this maneuver no. A clear idea about the order of actions and some time on the acquisition of practical skills is all that is needed for safe and correct execution of the check in the garage backwards or reverse Parking. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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