How to remove scratches from the car body. Disguise scratches

Scratches on the body of the car – a necessary evil. If they are detected you should not panic or depressed and melancholy condition, and able to resist them.

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assessment of the degree of paint damage

Before you take any action to disguise scratches on the back of the machine, you need to assess the nature and extent of damage to paintwork. The affected area of the body you should wash, dry and degrease. Once road grime and dust, hiding part of the damage is removed from the body, you can safely consider violations of the homogeneity of the coating of the body. For each of the types of damages to the paintwork have their own ways of their removal or masking, which will be further discussed in detail.

Shallow scratches

A distinctive feature of these scratches is their "disappearance" when wetted with water. Is the body to dry – they become visible again. Scratches, lightly brushed varnish or the top layer of paint, quite easily removed using a simple polishing non-abrasive Polish. To apply a non-abrasive cloth and Polish the damaged area of the body slowly and carefully polished. The Polish is on the cloth over and polishing continues until, until a scratch on the body will not disappear. Sometimes to achieve the desired effect requires from 10 to 15 smachivanie wipes.

Long and deeper scratches

Scratches long and deep, but not reaching the primer layer, it is advisable to mask, using a special pencil or colored wax. With this method of restoration of a covering of the body there is no need to pick up the tone of the masking means, for cars with a body of dark color use dark color pencil or wax, and for light machine – light color pencil. Fill the deeper scratches with wax or the contents of the pencil, the part of the body with the scratch should be processed using non-abrasive polishing method discussed above.

Deep scratches with sharp edges

If the body has deep scratches with sharp and ragged edges to disguise them, using krupnogabaritnogo and low abrasive polishes. Machined sharp edges of the scratch first krupnopanelnoye Polish, being careful not to expand the scratches and not damage intact paint layer. Then, having put on a soft cloth low abrasive Polish, carefully pass it over the surface of treated krupnopanelnoye Polish. Upon completion of the polishing work you need to walk through a covered area with non-abrasive body Polish. Throw this in to eyes deep scratches will be completely invisible.

Very deep scratches

In the case of very deep scratches that reach the metal of the car body, they have to mask, causing a scratch on a thin brush or toothpick hardened paint of a similar shade, and when dry apply clear varnish. After final drying, the repaired area is first treated with low abrasive and non-abrasive polishes then.Upon completion of the restoration works to camouflage your vehicle will again to look as "excellent". Good luck to you! No nail, no wand, no scratches!

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