How to ride backwards. The details of the movement in reverse

There are maneuvers that are only possible with the use of reversing, so to go in reverse sooner or later still have to learn.

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reversing and SDA

We will not duplicate the content of the item of traffic rules regarding driving in reverse and list places where this maneuver is prohibited, instead, want to focus your attention on the things that are included in the rules are not directly specified, but logically follow from them. According to the SDA, the reversing is permitted provided that this maneuver will be safe and will not interfere with other traffic participants. What follows from this? In any traffic accident will always blame the driver performing the maneuver of reversing. Even if all stages of the manoeuvre they were made competently and correctly, and he deliberately put his car professionals "avtopodstavy" responsible for the creation of an emergency situation or an accident in 100 cases out of 100 will be recognized as the driver of the vehicle moving backwards. Therefore, when performing a manoeuvre make sure that it will be safe for you and for other road users. If Parking your car is making its way back in another vehicle, the maximum you can do is to warn him sound or light signals. If you excitement turn rear gear and trying to leave from collision, hook standing next to a car or your car will hit moving on a straight transfer another car, causing a traffic accident will be recognized.

Where to learn the skill of driving in reverse

Unfortunately, in driving training maneuver in reverse pay quite a bit of time, so if you are a beginner, to master driving in reverse is necessary independently or under the guidance of more experienced friend. Choose the perfect peek-a-Boo platform with a fairly smooth surface, stock up on sticks and the sticks that will mark the boundaries of the obstacles – and more! Rather backwards, in reverse.

setup the side mirrors and rear view mirrors

Before you shift into reverse, make sure that the settings are correct rear view mirrors. The angles of rotation and tilt side mirrors should be set so that in a side mirror housing of your machine in no more than 20%, the rest of the space mirror should reflect the environment behind and to the side of the car, and the horizon line must be located in the middle of the mirror. The rearview mirror should provide an overview of the entire rear window of your car. All mirrors should be adjusted so that to control the road behind was enough to move the eyes from one mirror to another, without turning your head and trunk bending.

Where to look?

How to ensure maximum visibility during manoeuvres, how to navigate: on the mirrors or turning around and looking back? When driving backwards in a straight line, leaving, or stopping in a dead end, Parking the car between two adjacent machines, it is more convenient to monitor the situation in the side mirror, controlling the interval between his and the adjacent car, a fence or wall. For more complex maneuvers, except when the review back, you need to also see what is happening around, it is better to unfasten the seat belt, turn half-turned to right and looking over right shoulder, execute a maneuver. In real driving situations typically use a combined method of review, and looking back over his shoulder and in the mirrors.


Making sure there is no interference and including a reverse gear, release the clutch smoothly and without too much pressing on the accelerator, begin to move in reverse. Be aware that if you aligned the wheels, the car will move in a straight line, with the wheels turned to the right, he will turn in an arc to the right, if the steering wheel to turn to the left, and the car will move with offset to the left. When driving in reverse gear the car becomes more maneuverable, than on the front of the transmission. Due to this property, perform the check in the garage in reverse or parallel Parking in reverse gear can in a limited and rather small area of space. But this maneuverability when driving backwards can deliver an inexperienced driver lot of difficulties. You had to see the car backing up and unceasing waggle the front wheels left and right due to the fact that the driver throws the steering wheel frantically to the left?

Stay tuned for front wheels

A very common mistake that many newbies starting in reverse and turning the wheel to the side, they focus all the attention on the space behind the car. At this time, the front end of the car begins to describe an arc of large radius, moving in the direction opposite to the rotation of the steering wheel. The result is a car when leaving the Parking lot catches the front fender or bumper and scratches standing next to the car, and when leaving the garage the injured party will become the target or the wall of the garage structure.Performing the movement in reverse, don't forget to turn the alarm system – so your maneuvers will be more visible and clearer to other road users. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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