How to behave in traffic jams. Good standing

Traffic jams is an inevitable reality of today. Time in traffic can make good use of and even to extract from it the maximum benefit.

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You've heard the phrase that the traffic jams start on the road, but in the minds of drivers? At the slightest deadlock, all attempts to change lanes with the aim to slip affecting the emerging traffic turn movement of vehicles in a chaotic, almost Brownian, motion, slowing it down even more. This significantly increases the risk of collisions, and emergency situations arise one after another. Over such efforts of the hardworking drivers a complete "blockage" of the movement. That's why don't need to jump from one row to another, even if you think that the other lane the traffic is moving much faster. If in front or next to you some the car behaves very actively, trying to find a gap in the current impasse, the best thing you can do is skip forward, freeing themselves from unnecessary hassle. In addition, it is possible that the driver really in a hurry. Avoid sudden acceleration and braking, distance and standing in front of the vehicle should be such that you could see his rear wheels. Use the emergency alarm to alert riding behind the driver encountered a traffic jam.

mental attitude

It is very important to stop yourself every minute, increasing aggression, anger, irritation and tension. Otherwise, traffic jam will leave you mentally exhausted and mentally tired. If you do not control your emotions and violent temper, from traffic jam to leave with a decent "black eye" under eye or even sitting in handcuffs in a patrol car because "dispute" and fight in traffic — are not uncommon. Hold of you chase away the feeling of despair and helplessness, the traffic jam is not forever, sooner or later it will go away and you quietly continue to move along its route.

Spend time with benefits

The most common way to pass the time in traffic – listen to the music, slowly understanding the intricate functions of newly acquired receiver, a Navigator or DVR. The traffic jam is a good opportunity to perform long-planned, but due to time constraints not implemented, calling an old army friend or classmate. Find an occupation while standing in a traffic jam: browse through the morning papers, make the necessary calls to work colleagues or business partners, do some work on the laptop, refresh the stockpiled sandwiches with tea or coffee, the women at the time to touch up applied in the morning rush makeup and get my nails done. Options – countless. You can learn a foreign language by inserting a disc in the player with the class and work on pronunciation, do not hesitate, that someone will hear. Engage in meditation, leaning back in his chair, closing his eyes and listening to his conscience. Learn breathing exercises, taught all kinds of breathing can be right in the tube, without leaving the car. You can perform physical exercises on relaxation and tension of individual muscle groups and body parts. In traffic you can occupy yourself for many, the main thing is not to get involved and be ready at the right moment to continue the movement.In traffic be alert, calm and balanced, treat temporary congestion on the road philosophically. If all of the above tips do not suit you — leave the car parked and get to your destination by metro. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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