How to choose spark plugs. That the spark was reliable

The engine starts easy, developed full power, was economical and reliable, care should be taken about the quality and smooth spark plugs.

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The engine starts easy, developed full power, was economical and reliable, must ensure uninterrupted and high quality spark plugs.


Every self-respecting auto parts store, automotive point of service or at service stations compulsory, there is a table of conformity of the spark plugs. In it for each brand of the candle, depending on its technical characteristics, specified models of vehicles or engines which recommend its use.

Geometric dimensions of the candle

With these options when choosing candles are no special problems, since the candle with greater or smaller diameter or the length of the threaded part of the body simply "will not find" their place in the cylinder head. It happens that the candle is twisted, but because of the difference in the length of the threaded part of the spark plug electrodes are either too far from the combustion chamber, either in a literal sense, being pushed out of the combustion chamber, threatening the integrity of the pistons.

Surface number

The ability to store heat of the candle is characterized by the fact that its value, as the heat rating number. The higher the heat rating, the "cooler" is the candle, hence it has a margin of safety and can operate in high temperature and corrosive conditions. Lower of the required heat rating of the spark plug will cause the candle to overheat, resulting in the ignition of the combustible mixture from the monitored spark will turn into a mantle in which a combustible mixture in the combustion chamber ignites in a chaotic manner from the high temperature spark.

is the Number of the lateral electrodes

To ensure the reliability and stability of operation of spark plugs many manufacturers produce multi-electrode spark. In such candles, the Central electrode is surrounded by multiple side electrodes. What gives? When contaminated by soot or fouling-one of the side electrodes, the spark simply "transferred" to another – is formed between the Central and lateral as a working electrode.

candles Material and the thickness of the Central electrode

The cheapest are Nickel spark plugs, but also the life of their relatively small – about 25 thousand kilometers. Iridium plugs will last twice as much, but also nearly twice the price. The most expensive platinum spark plugs, but in this case the price is justified because of their guaranteed lifetime is no less than 100 thousand kilometers. The thickness of the Central electrode of Nickel is greatest in candles, and iridium and platinum center electrode and tapering towards the end becomes thin as a needle. What does the thickness of the Central electrode? In the cold season, especially in winter, when starting a cold engine, when fuel injected into the combustion chamber is cold the following occurs. On a thick Central electrode made of Nickel is easily suspended from a drop of fuel, and the ignition of the fuel mixture no longer are – professionally speaking, of the candle "fills". The iridium and platinum spark same drop of gasoline just nothing to go on, so sharp is the end of the Central electrode. That's why iridium and platinum spark reliably ignite the combustible mixture at any temperature of the ambient air. Moreover, a strong and powerful spark occurring in the spark electrodes of platinum or iridium, in addition increase engine power, is self-cleaning electrodes from carbon Deposit and dirt.Choosing spark plugs, do not be tempted by the low cost of their individual brands. Remember – the avaricious pays twice! Good luck and good spark!

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