How to quickly and profitably sell a used car

When the sale of its already rather nabiravshego on-road car, I advise you to use our tips on how to do it quickly and profitably.

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To sell a used car several ways: to use the service of quick redemption, to put the car on a Commission site or to use the service Trade-In. We will tell you how we profitably sell a used car with the minimum expenses of time and forces.


Looking at his car through the eyes of a buyer, or ask a neighbor in the garage, or better yet, if the "experts" will be few. Dividing the drawbacks of costly and low-cost in Finance and time, proceed to the elimination of the latter. Extraneous noise and knocks associated with wear inexpensive parts that are fixed by replacing them with new ones. It is important not to get carried away with repairs and time to stop defining yourself in advance for the cost of preparatory work which, if exceeded, would be ineffective and impractical. Pay close attention to the body, because in most cases it is the deciding factor when choosing a machine. Armed with an Arsenal of cosmetics, thoroughly wash body, glass, lights and lanterns. RUB the surface of the body with wax and a special tool polished glass and headlights. The car has to Shine and sparkle in the rays of light, like a Christmas tree, not giving a potential buyer the opportunity to pass by indifferently. Don't forget to bring perfect order into the trunk, removing the cleaner from the smallest particles of debris. Processed tires "by reducing the" rubber, giving them a fresh look. Go to the salon. Spend in General cleaning it, freeing it from dust and dirt, dash and all other panels processed Polish, the old seat covers and mats for the feet or a throw away or replaceable with new ones. Replaceable air freshener in the cabin with a strong smell. Filled the car with quality gasoline — unstable engine operation. This pre-training can be considered completed.


Not sparing time, conduct a thorough monitoring of the market of cars of similar model and age. Establishing lower and upper limits of the value of machinery in this class, we choose the average price, and then add to it the amount in the bargaining process graciously "give in" to the customer, gaining his trust and placing on yourself.

Advertising campaign

Place announcements about the sale of the machine for the maximum possible number of Internet resources, specialized in buying-selling cars, fortunately, most of these websites are free. Definitely posted along with the ad text pictures of the car from different angles, including photos of the interior, trunk and tires. Use paid and free advertising platforms on Newspapers and magazines ads. Marginal cost of advertising in such publications will significantly expand the circle of potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of a quick sale of the car. Completing the whole list of these works, arm yourself with patience, realizing that is not the first who has called you on the ad, will be the real buyer of your car. Good luck to you! Let your car sold quickly and profitably!

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