How to decrypt the designation of wheels car

When choosing wheels for a car like alloy and steel, it is very important to understand what specifies a set of characters in their characteristics.

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When choosing wheels for car, alloy or steel, it is very important to understand what specifies a set of characters in their characteristics. Choosing new wheels, you should stick to standard dimensions specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Let's see together, what do these mysterious characters.


Take, for example, the first light-alloy wheels from the catalog with the following characteristics DISLA Formula (R16 W7.0 PCD5x118 ET38 DIA71.1).DISLA Formula indicates the brand and model name. R16 is the value in inches of the landing diameter of the rim of the disk and tyre it fit. The same size should be selected and hats in case of their purchase. W7.0 – the width of the rim of the disk in inches and planting the size of the tires. PCD5x118 – number of holes for attachment bolts (5) and rim size (diameter) of the disc on the wheel hub in mm (118 mm). ET38 – disk offset in millimeters. The displacement of the disc to the center of the machine is denoted by a positive number, and in the case of displacement from the center of the machine outward in front of the digital znacheniem put a minus sign. In our case, the disk is shifted to the center of the machine to 38 mm. DIA71.1 – the hole diameter of disc in mm.

Why you need to follow the dimension

Each parameter in the specification of wheels is important for the proper selection of disc and does not tolerate to his flippant attitude. After selecting the disk with a larger diameter or width will inevitably arise the need to purchase larger tyres, which are then in operation will cling to the wheel arches. Disk with 5 fixing holes will be impossible to fasten the bolts to the hub, where all 4 holes. With a wrong departure ET will increase the load on the bearings of the wheel hubs, which will adversely affect the reliability and durability of the vehicle chassis.You should not experiment with the size of the wheels, moreover, most available on the market disks have several dimensional versions. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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