How to prepare your car for long-term Parking. Winter car

So after a long Parking the vehicle is not presented you surprises, for long-term storage must be carefully prepared.

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Many motorists with the arrival of winter determine their iron horses for storage in garages or open Parking themselves at this time I use public transport. After the first warm spring days the majority flock to their four-wheeled friends. And here some unpleasant surprises waiting for: low battery, does not start the engine, the body appeared pockets of corrosion and a lot of different nasty little surprises. That is why today our story about how to prepare your car for long Parking lot.

Body and interior

Since the mud for several months the Parking lot is able to deeply eating into the paint, the first thing to do when preparing your car for long-term storage, thoroughly wash his body, do not forget to pay attention to its internal parts in the area of the wheels. After bathing the body be sure to dry or wipe dry. The surface of the body cover means, containing wax, it is particularly important to protect from corrosion the parts of the body with exposed metal. Afterwards we vacuum clean the interior, wash and dry them. Clean seat upholstery and mats drain. At the end grate Polish plastic interior parts, and processed special means the surface of the leather.

Engine, systems and mechanisms

Dry grip: put the car on the handbrake and start the engine. Includes 1 gear and smoothly release the clutch. We catch the moment when the car starts to slip, wait 3-4 seconds and turn off transmission. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times. If all operations execute carefully and gently, damage to the clutch from them will not, but it will be dry, therefore will not stick together. We turn out candles from the cylinder head, and then with a syringe fill each cylinder with approximately 20 ml of motor oil. So the oil is evenly distributed over the surface of the liners, we turn crankshaft 2 to 3 turns. Very important after lubrication, do not forget to screw the plugs back. If the coolant used is water or diluted antifreeze, be sure to drain them from the cooling system. Also drain water from the washer reservoir windshield. But the tank it is advisable to fill fuel to the brim – this protects it from rusting from the inside out. Oiled cloth or paper plug holes, exhaust pipe and air filter. The battery it is desirable to remove, especially if the car will spend the winter under the open sky. If at your disposal a garage, a warm and can be limited to removal from the battery terminals. It is desirable to unload the suspension, by setting the pads on the car so that its wheels did not touch the ground. After that stravlivaya the air out of the tire until the pressure therein becomes equal to approximately 0.5 kg/m2. At the completion of all work cover car canvas cover, not forgetting to lay between the surface of the body and the cover with a soft strip of fabric thickness of about 2-3 cm to provide air circulation. Do not forget about the ventilation holes in the case in the area of the windscreen and rear window. We wish that your car survived the winter or extended storage, leaving them without losses! Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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