How to remove tint. Self-removal of tint film off the windshield of the car

To remove tint film from car glass even an inexperienced motorist. This will require patience, the means at hand and this article.

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To remove tinting film from car window on forces even to an inexperienced motorist. This will require patience, the means at hand and this article. Reasons why there is a necessity of removing the tint film a lot. Replacing old or damaged tinting, the reluctance to pay fines for low bandwidth tinted Windows, the inconvenience of driving in the dark – here are the main ones.

prep work

Before starting work on removing the tint film must be carefully considered window module and, if necessary, to remove seals and a variety of decorative plates, carefully memorizing or writing down the order of their installation and placement in order to avoid difficulties when installed in place after rastanawi glass.

Method for the patient

Auxiliary tools are not required, except for a sharp knife. We hook the edge of a knife the edge of the tint film at the top of the glass and begin to slowly pull it diagonally down and to yourself. When rastvorova side Windows work will go better if those side Windows are a little lower (to drown). Keep the tape "to stretch", it needs to be tensioned uniformly across the width of the separation from the glass. With patience and noticeable physical effort you can remove the tape from the glass in one piece. Important rule – the slower will be shot a film, less adhesive remains on the glass. Some motorists to facilitate removing the cut film strips of a width of from 5 to 15 cm With this approach, specific physical efforts when rastvorova glass is not required, the tape is removed slowly but surely.


In this case, it is necessary to prepare an aqueous solution of almost any detergent. To 1 liter of water add 30 ml, mix thoroughly and pour into the sprayer. The sprayer apply the detergent solution on the top of the glass so that the liquid gets to the top edge of the tint film. After waiting about a minute, so that got into the tiny crack between the film and automotive glass, sharp knife heave the upper corner of the film and slowly pull the tape on and down. Separating a small section of the film from the glass wetted strip of separation between the glass and the film of detergent from the sprayer. Wait from several seconds to a minute and then pull the film, separating it from the glass. To tinting film is not torn it is very important to evenly distribute a pulling force on the entire plane detaching. Repeating several times the described sequence of actions, unbeknownst to themselves get to the bottom of the glass and separate the glass final segment of the film.


The best way for this procedure suitable high temperature heat gun, but if this is not available, do not worry – will fit a regular household. Heat gun offered for minimum temperature, home temperature is a maximum. Warming up the corner of the glass, a sharp knife separated from the edge of the tint film. Gently and slowly pull the tape on and down. Make a pause, Hairdryer, heated by the strip detaching again and pull the film. And so – to the bottom of the window. Much easier to remove the tape with a hair dryer together, when one, observing the uniform tension of the film, pulls it, and the second the dryer evenly warms the area detaching. The most important thing is not to overheat the glass, or it may burst. And be careful with plastic parts from high temperature they are easily deformed.


Ammonia, ammonia solution, ammonium hydroxide, is applied to the surface of the tint film. Then cover it with a piece of plastic film, in the extreme case will fit several plastic garbage bags. An hour and a half tinting film under the influence of chemically active substances will soften and shrivel, otkleivanie from the glass. It will remain completely separate it from the window surface, without any special physical effort.


As in the previous method of rastanawi, warm soapy water is sprayed over the surface of the film, but not cover it with polyethylene and bonded over its entire plane of a sheet of newspaper. Within an hour periodically wetted area Newspapers, soapy water. After a specified time tinting film will soften and will easily separate from the glass surface. Soapy water can be replaced also by any means for washing Windows. The cheapest and angry variant is to use plain clean water without any additives.

Removing the glass glue residue

Rarely enough to remove tint film from the glass so that it was not glue. In most cases, slight traces of glue can be easily cleaned with detergents for glass using a soft sponge or rag. In more complex cases, spots of glue from the tint film removed from the glass using a scraper, the surface of pre-moistened glass cleaner. In severe cases, have to use rubbing alcohol, acetone, solvents, or gasoline mixed with vinegar. Avoid contact of these corrosive substances in the upholstery and interior panels. Good luck to you! No nail no wand!

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