How to choose the alarm for the car. Types of car security systems

Now, perhaps, almost no car, not equipped with car alarms. How to choose further and speech will go.

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one-way alarm

It is one-way alarm began victorious procession of these indispensable automotive device, the main purpose of which is to supply light and sound alerts in case of attempts of unauthorized access to the vehicle. Unilateral alarm systems have one major drawback – the owner of the car, far away from the iron horse risk not to hear and see alarms supplied alarm device. That is why such devices are used in automobiles to a greater extent as Central locking, locking your car doors. The cost of the one-way alarm system and its installation is low that makes it accessible to a wide range of motorists.

two way alarm system

Two way alarm is the next step in the development of automobile security systems. In addition to the functions performed by one-way alarm, two way alarm system with feedback. Using the keychain, which has a built-in pager, you can monitor the current status of the protected vehicle. On the screen of the pager real-time displays information about the open doors or the trunk of the car, the ignition, the temperature of the air in the vehicle interior and, naturally, the alarm is triggered. The more advanced representatives of the two way alarm I can remote start the car engine to warm-up, as well as periodic run it at specified intervals of time. Two-way alarms are more expensive one-sided, but a significant difference in functionality is justified.

GPS alarms

Coming to new level of development, car security alarms have realized themselves in the GPS systems. These high-tech and intelligent security systems monitor the status and location of the vehicle by communicating with a special companion. The location coordinates are determined by GPS machine-alarm system with accuracy up to 5 meters. In the case of malicious attempts to penetrate the car, the alarm signal is supplied not only to its owner on a mobile phone, but also to the remote security service. GPS alarm systems are not only able to block the engine and mechanisms of the car, but in the case of emergency to wiretap interior of the car. The owner of the vehicle can monitor the location of your vehicle via a web interface, using Internet connection. Being the most expensive type of car security systems, GPS alarm system provides constant and full control to the protected vehicle and simply need to cars expensive and prestigious brands.Let your car will always be under reliable protection! You no nail, no wand!

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