How to behave in case of road traffic accident (RTA)

Proportionally increase the number of cars on the road increases and the number car accidents. Do you know how to behave in case of an accident?

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Proportionally increase the number of cars on the road increases and the number of car accidents. Do you know how to behave in case of an accident? In the event of an accident, in the heat of passion, often rolling in fear, panic or desperation, it is very important to gather strength and thoughts, in order to accurately and properly implement all necessary actions.

Stop alarm

Becoming involved in a road traffic accident, the first thing to do is to stop, muffle the engine and switch on the emergency lights. In no case should not be transferred anywhere vehicle and objects relevant to the accident, since such actions will hamper subsequently the restoration of the details and circumstances of the accident.

assistance to victims in road accident

You first need to assess the situation and if there are wounded and injured, to call the ambulance. Simultaneously it is necessary to cause on a scene employees of the automobile inspection. If the victims in the accident have injuries that threaten their life, need, postponing for a time the calls to physicians and inspectors, primarily to engage in the provision of first aid, trying to save human life by all available means: to do artificial respiration, stop bleeding, fix with the help of improvised means an injured limb or the spine. A real boon in such a case would be properly stocked car first aid kit.

setting the emergency stop sign and a challenge to insurance Commissioner

After first aid by the victim in road accident rendered, it is necessary to care of safety of other participants of road traffic – set to the rear of the vehicle, at a distance regulated by the rules of the road, a sign an emergency stop. If possible as soon as possible to contact your insurance company and report the incident. And do not try to repair his damaged car before the arrival of the insurance Commissioner at the accident site.

Witnesses and eyewitnesses

Despite the nervousness, you must take care of the witnesses of the accident, because in the future, if the case goes to court, witnesses to the incident will be able to confirm your innocence. Not necessarily for this to require witnesses the documents proving their identity, it is enough to write down their surnames, names, patronymic, contact telephone numbers and to enlist their support, taking with them the promise when you first need to be in law enforcement or in court. Ask stopped drivers who did not record their DVRs incident incident. Recorded on video the circumstances of the accident will serve as further proof of your innocence.

Alcohol and drugs

Before coming to the place of accident employees of traffic police and a medical examination, refrain from taking alcohol, narcotic drugs and medical drugs not included in the official kit. The exception to this is the appointment taking strong drugs arrived on the scene of the accident medical workers of the ambulance.

documenting the accident

After arriving to the scene of the automobile inspection staff carefully monitor they perform the action mapping and the Protocol of a traffic accident, be an active participant when performing all measurements, at the same time not interfering with the law enforcement officers to do their job. In case of their requirements for you to undergo medical examination to determine the presence of blood alcohol, in any case do not refuse medical examination. Ask to have all participants of the accident. Upon completion of documenting the accident very carefully study all the documents produced by the inspector. Empty spaces in columns indicate the require to dash. If the scheme of road accident loss of important details, insist on their introduction. Should not be on the scene to admit his guilt, to make commitments pecuniary and non-pecuniary nature, sign documents of questionable content or those with whom you disagree. Good luck on the road! No nail, no wand!

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