How to use automatic transmission

Unfortunately, not all motorists, especially those with little driving experience, know how to operate automatic transmission. Proposed to fill this gap.

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Unfortunately, not all motorists, especially those with little driving experience, know how to operate the automatic gearbox. Proposed to fill this gap.

Advantages and disadvantages

The presence of the automatic transmission significantly increases the comfort of driving. This fact no one disputes. No need to constantly correct gear gives you the ability to concentrate on driving, especially in difficult road conditions. Torque Converter and control system-automatic transmission allow to avoid overloads of the engine and running gear caused by improper actions of the driver, providing them with optimal conditions and significantly increasing their resource. On the other hand, because of power losses in the torque Converter decreases the efficiency of the engine and transmission, leading to increased fuel consumption. And dynamics of machine acceleration automatic transmission is worse than that of similar models with the "mechanics".


Before you start driving, especially in cold weather, to warm up the oil in the box machine. To do this, after you start the engine and warm it up you have to press on the brake pedal and hold, turn, move the gear stick (in mechanical gearboxes it is called the gear lever) in all the positions staying in each mode for a few seconds. For additional heating and improve oil circulation it is recommended to enable driving mode D (Drive) and 1-2 minutes to stand up, keeping the car pressed the brake pedal. Especially dangerous for the "health" of the transmission is moving off without warming up the oil in the box, using the mode of reverse R (Reverse). Due to heavy workload and high viscosity lubricating fluid planetary gear automatic transmission will experience excessive loads and can quickly be damaged. Start driving with the brake and shift lever range selection (WFD) in the desired position. Then, waiting for a light push, you must release the brake pedal and then pressing the accelerator pedal to make the car accelerate and start moving.


When stops at traffic lights or in small traffic jams many drivers use the neutral mode, by turning the lever of a choice of ranges to N (Neutral). This is a very gross error, born of the mistaken belief that neutral transmission in the "mechanics" and a neutral mode in the "machine" are one and the same. Automatic transmission "neutral" is emergency mode and install it exclusively for moving the machine with the engine disconnected from the transmission. So switching boxes-the machine in neutral mode is justified only in large traffic jams in hot weather, allowing you to avoid overheating the lubricating fluid in the automatic transmission. In other cases, it is recommended to keep the car in place, hold down the brake pedal.

Switching modes while driving

It is strictly prohibited on the go to switch modes-antagonists. When moving forward it is unacceptable to translate the WFD provisions in the return movements (R) or Park (P). To switch to these modes is possible only after complete stop of the machine. Not recommended while driving Automatic transmission to switch into neutral mode, because the connection of the wheels with the engine missing and a sharp pressure on the brake pedal can cause a skid.


At statement of the car Parking on flat areas, simply place a gear lever-the machine in the position R at which the output shaft of the automatic transmission is locked in place with a locking mechanism. In the case of Parking on a slope, to avoid damage to the lock box, you need to first tighten the handle of the Parking (hand) brake and then switch to automatic transmission mode R.

Towing car with automatic transmission

Many cars equipped with automatic gearboxes, the manufacturers themselves do not recommend either to tow, or impose on them a rigid towing limits in distance and speed. So, the best option for transporting a faulty car will move with the help of a tow truck. It is strictly forbidden to make with the tow car, equipped-automatic transmission. The unnatural mode of transmission and return, the load will quickly bring the automatic transmission into disrepair. You know – start engine of vehicle with automatic transmission or with a CVT is allowed only using the starter!The basic, most important, in our view, the moments of operation of vehicles with automatic transmissions are considered. We wish that your car's automatic transmission has served long and faithfully, without breakdowns and malfunctions! Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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