How to behave when a vehicle fire. What to do in case of fire in the car

The fire itself can cause a lot of trouble, a fire in the car for a few minutes can turn your car into a pile of scrap metal.

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causes of car fires

Omniscient according to statistics, the most common cause of fire in the car is the electrical circuit wiring. The most offensive that a short circuit may occur not only in the old order and older cars where the wire insulation is worn and the mounting of the contacts is weakened, but in new, even recently descended from the conveyor cars. Malfunction of the fuel system, when there is a leak of fuel and vapour filled hood space occurs less frequently, but these are not less dangerous to life and health of the driver and his passengers. The neglect of the carriage of flammable cargoes, the storage in the trunk or under the hood of oily rags, Smoking in the cabin and, of course, a car accident – now the list of causes of car fires can be considered complete.

Action on detection of fire

If there is a fire in the car caught you while driving, should first stop the car, parked it on the roadside or on the edge of the carriageway. Stop tractor engine, turn off the ignition and put the car on the Parking brake. Next you need to take care of the passengers to help them as soon as possible to leave the car and retire from it at a safe distance. In the case of ignition of the car in the garage in any way you need to roll out, to push or to withdraw its own power (unless, of course, will) car out of the garage. If the smoke coming from the engine compartment, it is necessary to unlock the hood lock and proceed to action on the elimination of fire, asking someone from passengers or bystanders to call on the phone from the nearest fire emergency.


Do you know where in your car is a fire extinguisher? How to use it correctly? We recommend not waiting until day "X", look under the driver's seat, get out the fire extinguisher and carefully read the instructions printed on its body. In the event of fire must be extracted from the cabin fire extinguisher and bring it into working condition. If the fire is in the engine compartment, no need to fully open the hood – the flow of fresh air with oxygen only intensify the combustion process and the flame will flare up with renewed vigor. More reasonable would slightly lift the bonnet and into the opening to direct the flow of extinguishing material from the extinguisher. Everything previously said applies fully to extinguish the fire inside the cabin. It is important to remember that most extinguishers have a rather limited resource – their time is about one minute or less. Therefore, immediately, without delay, quickly find, point the jet at the center of the fire, and serve it all surface fire.

fire Extinguishers

What the fire extinguisher in the car should be in working condition, is unlikely to cause someone doubts. The question is: what type of fire extinguisher best suited to extinguish a burning car? A fire extinguisher with foam is unlikely to be appropriate because from it can suffer not yet had time to fail due to fire electronics. In addition, the foam will spread burning gasoline all the accessible surface area and the burning will only increase. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers effectively block the access of oxygen to the fire, thereby extinguishing the flame, however, they have several disadvantages. Large quantities of carbon dioxide are dangerous for health because that can cause paralysis of the respiratory organs, and in contact with the bare skin can cause frostbite. Virtually no drawbacks powder extinguishers, showing high efficiency in the suppression of the fire. Their only drawback – the traces of powder substances that remain on the treated surface, which is pretty hard to wash off. When extinguishing a burning car, you need to control the situation and in case of approach of the flame to the fuel tank immediately drop all attempts to put out the fire and retreat to a safe distance, because health and especially human life is incomparably more expensive than the cost of even the most expensive car. Let the car fires pass you by! You no nail, no wand!

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