How to learn to feel dimensions of the car. Generated a sense of dimensions

Different types of Parking, turn on a small Piglet around obstacles – these maneuvers cannot safely be done without a sense of the size of your car.

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Different types of Parking, u-turn on a small Piglet around obstacles – these maneuvers cannot safely be done without a sense of the size of your car. Especially sharply the question of feeling the dimensions of his car facing the car enthusiasts-newcomers with experience of driving less than one year, because after about a year this feeling comes with experience regular operation of your vehicle. Beginners complicates the task of maneuvering in a limited urban space and the configuration of the bodies of modern cars, which makes visual from inside of the cabin or the edge of the bonnet or rear trunk lid. To learn to feel the dimensions of the vehicle to use all the capabilities of their machine, it is possible in a relatively short period with the help of special exercises.

Using special markup

Choosing a small area with smooth surface (preferably asphalt), with chalk or spray paint should be applied on the surface of the platform 6 lines: A — line continue right wheels; B — line continuation of the left wheels; In — line continuation of the front bumper; G — line continuation of the rear bumper; D — line continuation of the axis of the front wheels; E — line continuation of the axis of the rear wheels. Sitting in the car in the driver's seat and by adopting the correct body position for riding, you need to mentally extend the extension lines at the wheels A and B, marking the point of their intersection with the front panel (dashboard) in place of its connection with the windshield. As labels will fit any of the materials: pieces of colored adhesive tape, adhesive tape or adhesive paper. At first these labels will explicitly indicate continuation lines of the wheels, giving an accurate representation of the intended path of movement of the wheels. After running out of a sense of size of these stickers you can safely delete, your brain will independently and almost accurately identify the location of the surface of the roadway, which will be the wheels. Similarly, label the lines of the front and rear bumpers and the axis lines of the front and rear wheels. Such markings significantly easier (especially at first) the difficult task of determining the dimensions of the car and the lines of movement of the wheels.

training with the help of beacons

To make them easy to fill a plastic bottle with sand and insert in its neck thin long pole. It is desirable to denote its bright markings or flag. Placing one or two of maçka in front of the car, please drive up to them close enough to lightly touch, not knocking them, bumper of his car. In exactly the same way builds a sense of the dimensions of the rear bumper. The feeling of the side edges of the machine and the skills of travel bottlenecks produced by the passage of the vehicle between two beacons installed at first far enough away from each other, and subsequently bringing closer to each other after each successful exercise. As you gain driving skills of the job can be complicated, performing "eight" or "snake" between the beacons, trying to pass near them as close as possible, practically very tightly.

Testing the sense of line wheels

All you need to practice this skill – an empty plastic bottle or small cardboard box. Placing it in front of the car, you need to run into her alternately then right, then left wheel. Then, placing two improvised beacons at a distance slightly less than a meter from each other, it is necessary to pass through them by passing them between the front wheels. Not be amiss and development of a sense line of movement of the wheels when reversing.As experience shows, is usually to acquire feelings of overall dimensions of the car is quite a few days of training on the racetrack or a free site. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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